"a fantastic erotic paranormal read"

A man known as Villain made a vow when he lost the woman he loved that he will never, never let another woman get near his heart until the day his love comes back to him. Being a very strong witch, he creates a spell that will stop his aging; he will remain the age he was when he lost her. Now it has been thirty long years since the day he lost his love, he is scared and tormented that he may never see her again, that he lost her that day so long ago. But he isn't willing to give up. Then one day a woman stumbles upon him in the cave and demands he talk to her. This makes him feel something he thought was long dead, he was amused by what she asked him. He thinks if he scares her she will go away and leave him, so he walks right up to her, but as he gets closer he has this overwhelming urge to take her in his arms and share passion that will rock their worlds, he hasn't felt this way since his love had died. What could there be about this woman that makes him feel these feelings, to tempt him to break the vow he had made all those years ago?

Stella had heard the rumor that a man still lived in the diamond caves that many years before had been a source of income for the town. She had heard so many stories through the years about this man. Through the many years she had had horrible visions of horrible things that caused her fevers, then she came to the conclusion that these visions she has been seeing aren't hers. She is drawn to the man she has heard about, so one night she decides to sneak out to find her way to the caves and this mystery man. As these two come together with fierce passion for each other, will they able to heal each other's pain? Will Stella be the woman for Villain, could she be?

Red Garnier wrote a fast paced, sexually charged story that will blow your minds. The electricity between Villain and Stella was coarse at times, but you understood why Ms. Garnier thought it needed to be in this story, it just belonged with what Villain had been through losing the woman he loved so many years before. Red Garnier is one fantastic, gifted writer that I feel will go places; this story shows it for sure.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted January 20, 2008


Stella McKenna has lived a predictable, ordinary life. At least it was ordinary, until she began to haunt herů

Her name is Faith Harrison, and they say he killed her.

Stella has heard the stories repeatedly, but they aren't what worries her. What worries her are the visions. Visions of things she hasn't been told, intimate things about him; about the man the townsfolk hate with such vengeance, the one they call Villain.

Thirty years ago, Gabriel Hunter cast a powerful spell, and now he waits in torment. Faith would come back to him. She had to come back to him.

Instead, he is visited by Stella McKenna, a woman he's sure was sent just to torture him. Kill him with his very lust for her!

His desire is strong. Stronger than he is, stronger than his spell, stronger than anything. But if he yields to Stella McKenna and her supple body, her fair skin, and his want of her, he'll lose the love of his life foreverů

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal sex, bondage.

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by Red Garnier

Loose Id
October 1, 2007
ISBN #1596325291
EAN #9781596325296
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