"A Brilliant Fantasy sequel - More to come!"

THE MAGE'S DAUGHTER picks up where STAR OF THE MORNING leaves off. As Morgan recovers slowly from a near fatal poisoning under the care of Nicholas of Lismòr on the Island of Melksham, the archmage Miach is leagues away in Tor Neroche where the attack on her, orchestrated by Lothar, the black mage of Wychweald, had occurred.

Tor Neroche was currently being invaded by courtiers come to witness the marriage of his brother, King Adhémar, and Miach wished he was elsewhere. He was comforted by the fact that Morgan still lived, though he had greatly feared at times that she wouldn't. Only a few hours remained before the ceremony, after which he would be free to go to his lady love and hopefully convince her to forgive him for his deception.

His departure is more panicked than expected for during the long dull stretch of the ceremony Miach had cast his mind to the University of Lismòr seeking Morgan but had found no sense of her.

Morgan is alive but has fled to Gobhann in hopes that she could outrun her dreams, her own magic, and the lies of the man she had lost her heart to -- a man who was not a simple farmer but what she hated most, a mage, the man who would have used her for his own purposes and who hadn't even bothered to inquire about her condition. Gobhann, the place where she had learned her sword skill was a "magic sink" a place that blocked magic. Her mentor Weger had shared her hatred for magic and mages. It was a place Miach would never go to find her.

When Nicholas informs Miach, he quickly follows on her heels and enters Gobhann, putting his obligation to Neroche and the Seven Kingdoms on hold. For Miach this is a very large decision considering that evil magic has been eating away at his border wards for some time. But life without Morgan is not worth living. In order to exit Gobhann alive with his love he must earn Weger's mark of a master swordsman. No easy task and he makes at least one enemy in the process.

It wouldn't be romance if Morgan didn't agree to throw her lot in with Miach's at some point but I won't go into detail. Suffice it to say that nothing and no one she holds dear is quite what she'd thought, including herself.

Morgan's magic had lain dormant until the sword of Angesand has sung to her, now back at Lismòr she learns that her beloved guardian is in fact her uncle and that she herself is Elfin Royalty and that she is also the daughter of a notorious black mage.

The pair has been attacked repeatedly by evil trolls without warning which leads Miach to believe that they are somehow tied to Morgan and the disintegration of his border wards. And so they journey to the Elf King's kingdom so that Morgan can meet her family and Miach can ask for her hand while searching Sỉle's library for answers that will lead to the black magic responsible for destroying his wards.

Needless to say where there is dark magic, Lothar is not far behind. The story ends with Miach's discovery of its source and though he had planned to go face it alone neither Morgan, her family, or his own is going to allow him to. Will they be successful or will there be more battles ahead for them? Stay tuned.

Oh my, I really hated having this installment end. I couldn't put the book down and hope that I won't have to wait so long before the next installment is released. Note: Lynn does recap the gist of the first segment in Chapter one of THE MAGE'S DAUGHTER but this should only serve as a refresher for those who read the first book, STAR OF THE MORNING two years ago. For those new to the series, I highly recommend reading the two books in order. The fantasy world, drawn so beautifully, is too wonderful to miss any of it. I highly recommend this book, the series and all of Ms. Kurland's other works. Brilliant!

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 20, 2008


A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms

In the kingdom of Neroche, nightmarish creatures have been unleashed as weapons in a war of evil. Morgan the mercenary, daughter of a treacherous black mage, must fight against them—as well as for her very life.

Miach of Neroche would risk his own life to save Morgan's, but he must do so at the peril of the realm-forcing dangerous choices in the deadliest of quests.


The Mage's Daughter
(Nine Kingdoms: Book 2)
by Lynn Kurland

Berkley Pub Group
January 1, 2008
Available: January 2, 2008
ISBN #042521916X
EAN #9780425219164
384 pages
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