"a story with grit and passion"

Detective Liza Bowman and her partner and some time lover Tom Hardwick, are working a missing persons case. She has been watching and investigating James Li who owns a business where women trade sex for money. A few months back Liza thought that she had James but it turned out the case against him didn't hold up, so he walked. But now Liza finds out that James could be tied in with her missing person case. She had been searching the missing woman's apartment and came across a diary that talked about James Li and the woman's married boss that she had been having sex with. So the woman had two men, which one had taken her? In the diary she talked about a scene her boss had set up where she was to sit in a bar and read the story of "O". While she was there she was picked up and not seen since. Liza has a brainstorm that if she plays out what the missing woman had done, or what she thought she had done that they might find out what had happened to her. James Li comes into the bar and sees the woman that has been in not only his thoughts but dreams, Liza Bowman. He sees what she is reading and wonders if Liza wants to play. James decides he is very willing to play this game. He sets it in motion by taking Liza, tying her hands and blindfolding her, to one of his many homes. This sets into play a weekend of passion that both Liza and James are not expecting at all. Can James show Liza that he wants more from her than just a weekend? Can Liza open up to a man she thinks is dirty? Or see the true man that James really is? And in the process find out what happened to the missing woman?

This story was a great view into the lives of two very different people that have more in common than they think. All they have to do is open up to each other to get to know the "real" person. There were some scenes that had such grit and passion that it blew me away. Other scenes made me gasp and want to shut the book so I could sit and think, "Did I like what just happened"? That to me shows a great author that makes the reader have to stop and think, "Is this right?" But in the end it was necessary and flowed with the story wonderfully. I look forward to reading more by Suz deMello.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted January 19, 2008


Detective Liza Bowman has never failed to solve a case, but the Keller kidnapping tests her mettle. The victim disappeared while reading The Story of O in a public bar dressed like a ‘ho. Because no other clues exist, Liza must imitate the victim’s last acts. Wearing only fuck-me heels, a peekaboo top and a tiny leather skirt, she reads the famous bondage novel in the same bar from which the victim disappeared. She’s surprised to find that she’s turned on by the adventures of sex slave O.

She’s taken by James Li, known as the most notorious whoremaster in San Francisco. They’ve tangled before, with both secretly attracted to each other. Now James has his dearest wish: Liza Bowman under his complete control. He can’t resist his desire to enslave her. And she’ll have to trust him if she wants to solve her case.

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Walk on the Wild Side
by Suz deMello

Loose Id
November 1, 2007
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