"an intriguing fantasy"

An alien race wants to join with their chosen human partners, for better or worse...

When a ball of fire streaks across the sky and lands in a nearby pond, Seth Kinman and his party guests are surprised, and curious enough to investigate. When their search leads to the discovery of three egg-shaped stones, the adults assume they are pieces of a meteorite. That assumption is shattered by the reality of several mysterious deaths. The rocks are more than alien stones; they are eggs that hatch into a dangerous alien life form.

Soon Seth finds himself confronted by an alien who draws him into a symbiotic relationship. Compadre offers Seth perfect health and enhanced abilities in return for sharing his physical body. Kara, the woman he loves also is destined to join with a partner. Together they create a baby who is unlike any child they could have imagined.

This novel is an interesting introduction to what will be a trilogy. The idea is intriguing, the human characters and their often-changing relationship with their alien symbionts give the story its energy. The first book offers us a solid building block for the plot to continue, drawing all the main characters together and teaching us some of their history. Internal dialogs with the alien partners sometimes made things hard to follow, but the characters of Seth and Kara's daughter Tresha, and the other juveniles kept me focused on the story. I will be very anxious to see where Ms. Toombs takes the younger members of her cast in the books to follow.

Reviewed by Miranda Lee
Posted January 11, 2008


Seth Kinman's annual Leonid party becomes exciting when an apparent meteorite strikes a nearby pond.

Seth, his girlfriend, Kara, and Danny, the young son of one of Seth's friends, find what they believe to be meteorite shards in the form of oval rocks.

What happens next will be the surprise of their lives—if they manage to survive it...

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Fire Griffin
(The Far Darkness: Book 1)
by Jane Toombs

Mundania Press LLC
December 1, 2007
Available: December 10, 2007
ISBN #1594263612
EAN #9781594263613
200 pages
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