"A sexy, savvy series"

I have truly enjoyed Blood Moon and The Brotherhood, the first two in the Blood Moon series, but have so waited for The Ravening, the third book. I have heard there will be more Blood Moon vamp books down the road, but for now this completes the arc of this trilogy. And WOW! Dawn Thompson conjured up a new vampire hybrid in a market where everyone said nothing could be done that hasn't already been done. Thompson does what she is best at - goes back to the original roots of mythology, in this case, back to where vampire lore started. She created a hybrid of Stoker's Dracula and Regency Romance, a period where Thompson seems most at home. She made the series new, without all the modern day trappings, and got it back to its dark origins, in a sexy, savvy series of both that please horror readers as well as romance readers.

IN creating Milosh, the Gypsy vampire hunter, she gave us a hero that was itching to break out into his own book. Finally, we get to see Milosh in his full glory. Milosh has lived over four centuries now. Milosh is a vampire, but because of the Blood Moon Ceremony, he is able to live his life in control of the hunger that affects vampires. He has tirelessly worked to see others like him protect the world from the undead monsters that stalk unsuspecting humans. He's formed the Brotherhood, those like him that are dedicated to stopping the evil menace. Only, even he is not above the rule of the Brotherhood, and it may cost him his life.

The book takes up in Cumberland, England in the late 1800s, the Victorian era. Milosh is a legend among the vampire hunters, but he still must face his ancient enemy, Sebastian Valentine. Sebastian's trail has brought Milosh near Whitebrair Abbey, where the Hyde-Whites now live (first two books). Only the place is now in ruins. He pauses to rest in the burnt out ruins, and there meets Paloma, a beautiful Gypsy.

Paloma has been bitten and needs blood, and she makes the mistake of biting Milosh. In a bizarre change, she is now immune from the vampire blood lust, but Milosh has been turned back into what he hates most -- a vampire. Only, in taking the blood that has saved her, she becomes the target of those wanting the power her blood now contains.

Milosh calls upon the Brotherhood to save her, no longer believing he can control his blood ravening. The Brotherhood that he built may have to kill him to keep her safe. The only thing that can save him is The Blood Moon Ceremony. But will he be able to perform the ceremony in time? The next cycle would be two years away; too late to save him. It's now or never.

The Ravening is very much a stand-alone story, but for pure enjoyment read all three in order. Thompson, one of the most beautiful writers in romance today, has done a knock out job of delivering an amazing trilogy. Dark, sexy, scary. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 9, 2008


The Ravening
(Blood Moon: Book 3)
by Dawn Thompson

Love Spell
January 1, 2008
Available: January 29, 2008
ISBN #0505527278
EAN #9780505527271
368 pages
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