"history, lore and myth skillfully mixed and conjured to satisfy"

Joy Nash follows up The Grail King (Romantic Times' Best Historical Fantasy of 2006), with the second in the Druids of Avalon series, Deep Magic. It's already getting attention, earning a Psyche Award Nomination. Considering she is coming off the USA Today best-selling book the Immortals: The Awakening (a series with fellow authors Robin T. Popp and Jennifer Ashley) Deep Magic only reinforces what a talented author Nash is.

In this tale, the Druids have long suffered persecution at the hands of the Romans. Using the magical mists to shield Avalon, they have hidden there in safety. Only that idyllic life is threatened by a Roman sorcerer, a young rogue solider who has the powers to penetrate the protective mists. It falls to Gwendolyn to save Avalon, in her role of Avalon Guardian. Gwendolyn must use everything to protect Avalon, even powers she has been forbidden to call upon in her quest to discover the enemy. She is a shapeshifter, a wolf, but this side of her nature she cannot control. Marcus Aquila, is a Roman blacksmith. The handsome man once saved Gwendolyn's life, and now has earned her love. He hides her, protects her, and with her magic he is able to forge a sword on par with Excalibur. Only, the wolf side of her nature threatens their love, even threatens Avalon.

The story is strong, pulling the reader into the magical world Nash has fashioned. Her world-building allows the reader to walk into this dark age period, giving you strong history, lore and myth skillfully mixed and conjured to satisfy.

You might also want to get Celtic Fire, Nash's print debut, which actually introduced some of the characters of this series.

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 9, 2008


Hidden away on a misty isle, steeped in the teachings of The Lady, they used enchantment to stem the tide of the invaders while battling a still darker enemy.

Primordial power, older than Light and Dark magic. Dangerous. Unpredictable. Forbidden. A power no human can tame.

One woman will try. She is Gwendolyn -- Druidess, Daughter of the Lady. She fears her Light alone is not strong enough to protect Avalon from its enemy.

Marcus Aquila -- Roman, blacksmith, hater of magic. To banish his sister's terrifying premonitions, Marcus barters his skills to a tempting Druidess he dares not trust.

Together, they create Exchalybur. Dangerous. Unpredictable. Forbidden. A weapon no human can command.

One woman will try.

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Deep Magic
(Druids of Avalon: Book 2)
by Joy Nash

Love Spell
January 1, 2008
Available: January 1, 2008
ISBN #0505527162
EAN #9780505527165
352 pages
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