"you will fall in love with each and every character"

Christmas time is coming and all Marsh wants is to get Janey the perfect gift. Knowing what he does about her tells him that Janey isn't used to the family traditions being that she never had a real family herself. So he wants to change that and give Janey a picture of what a family is. So Marsh decides what better way than to take Janey to meet his parents. But when Marsh thought of this perfect idea it made him realize that he must now tell Janey who his parents really are. That being, King and Queen of his people, so what did that tell her of himself? Yes, that he is the prince of his people. Marsh learns when Janey finds out that she isn't upset at finding out who he is, but at him not telling her before now. Marsh hopes that Janey will eventually understand why he did what he did.

Oh, if Janey had known what she was getting herself into meeting his parents. His Mother is different, wacky but very loveable, but his father is very hands on; that doesn't make Janey very comfortable. If that isn't enough she has to deal with a princess that has psycho tendencies and makes it pretty clear that she will get Marsh and the throne back at any cost. When she is shown there is no way she is going to get Marsh back she will settle for the throne being hers. But if Janey thought that was the only woman she had to fight to keep away from her man, she finds out pretty quickly that there are many more women that want Marsh and the throne and are willing to do whatever is needed to get Janey out of the way. Just when Janey is starting to see a future she has her world-rocked when Trent Duvall comes and tells her the news that someone close to her is missing. She learns that they had left on their own free will but needed to be brought back if they were to ever see him alive again. Trent and Marsh with the help of Mal, who is a vampire, go to Africa to get back what is theirs. Janey stays behind which leaves her having to survive the many people that would love for her to be out of the picture. Will Trent, Marsh and Mal be able to bring him home safely? Will Janey be able to stay sane while she waits for her lover to come back to her?

All I can say is Stella and Audra Price did it again. I have loved this series from the first book to this one. The character building is so wonderful it just pulls the reader into their lives. The way they show the depth of the love shared between Marsh and Janey is great. I loved that I was finally able to get to know Trent Duvall in this book. Anyone coming into this series reading this book will not be able to help but fall in love with each and every character. I can't wait to see what comes next by these two wonderful authors. A must read!

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted January 5, 2008


The holidays are a time for giving, so when Marsh decides to give Jane a real Christmas, complete with family and friends, he never expected everything to go haywire. Meeting his family is only part of the problem. His parents, the reigning royalty of his race, are going to be a surprise to Jane, but no more so then his station as crown prince, a fact he had kept hidden from her till now.

Throw in a conniving princess that contracts his death, an engagement ring and his quirky and outlandish parents, and Marsh has his hands full, just presenting Jane as his consort.

Two days before Christmas, Trent Duvall, Janey’s Silent partner in the assassin syndicate shows in Austria and informs them of the fact that a special member of the Duvall inner circle has gone AWOL, and its up to Jane and Marsh to help him get him back. With the help of Malcolm Frost and a few choice friends, Trent and Marsh leave Jane in Austria and go to Africa to retrieve their family member, and usurp the position of a murderous and insane Fallen Angel.

And you thought your holidays were stressful.

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(Duvall, Inc.: Book 3)
by Stella Price, Audra Price

September 1, 2007
Available: September 1, 2007
ISBN #1594267510
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