"one hot historical"

Alexandre thought he had found his soul-mate in Clifford. But all of that changed when the perfect woman came into their lives. Clifford couldn't believe the method that an unattractive woman could go to to get his hand in marriage. He could barely stand this woman that decided to blackmail him into marrying her. How can she be so sweet to him when all he wanted to do was hate her for what she has done?

Tiffany Sandleton thought it was a great idea to blackmail Clifford to get what she wanted. For her to marry such a catch was more than she could have ever asked for. With Clifford being not only a handsome blue-blooded 13th Viscount of Rathbern, but also how could she get so lucky that he was drop dead gorgeous? If that wasn't enough Tiffany demanded that Clifford give her an heiress right away; she thought she had had a great idea to get what she wanted, but was it? But what Tiffany isn't aware of is that she has a fight on her hands. There is another man that wants Clifford and the difference is that this man isn't willing to just walk away so that she can get what she wants. Tiffany finds herself not only with one man, no, she finds herself between two extraordinary noblemen. When Tiffany started out she had thought she would get just one man, but in the end can she handle what is coming in her near future? Will she be able to choose the right fate for them all?

This was one strong, hot story that started out with Tiffany thinking she could blackmail Clifford and be done with it. That she could get what she wanted and that he would just go along with it; Oh, was she wrong. I really enjoyed this story, but what would you expect from this great author. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Sanchez.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted January 5, 2008


In the space of a few heartbeats, a person’s reality can be altered for all time.

Alexandre, the Earl of Wainhaven, thought he’d found the perfect man in Clifford…until he crashed against the perfect woman. His conniving, scrawny, smart-mouth rival!

Clifford, Viscount Rathbern, incensed at the unscrupulous method in obtaining his hand in marriage from an unattractive woman he could barely tolerate let alone abide, never dreamed being bribed and blackmailed would ultimately be so agonizing…or so gut-wrenchingly sweet.

Spinsterish Tiffany Sandleton thinks it brilliant to simultaneously blackmail AND bribe Clifford, the darkly handsome and blue-blooded 13th Viscount of Rathbern into matrimony, outrageously demanding he give her an heiress posthaste. Since she couldn’t get him by hook, she got him by crook! Little does she know her reality is about to change. For life. She can’t even begin to fathom just how big a change. Caught between two extraordinary noblemen under extraordinary circumstances, how will Tiffany react…or choose her fate? Under the same confusing and intensely erotic circumstances …how would you choose your fate?

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Tangled Web
by Alexi Z. Sanchez

eXtasy Books
September 1, 2007
ISBN #155410792X
EAN #9781554107926
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