"No Shades of Gray in this Enthralling Romantic Fantasy Thriller"

I was truly delighted to return to this story which began in DRAGON HEAT. When we last left Saba Watanabe, she had just said goodbye to Malcolm the Black Dragon who had once marked her as his minion. Malcolm, who had been trapped in the human world for centuries, had finally been freed to return to Dragonspace by Lisa, the newest incarnation of the singularly powerful Silver Dragon. In spite of his intense and mutual attraction to Saba, he had shed his human form and had taken wing with elation, leaving the heartbroken young witch with a handful of dragon's tears and the instructions to use them to summon him if she was ever in need of his aid.

Eight months later Saba had given up on the hope that Malcolm would ever return to her of his own free will. Though she'd lost her heart to the dark and brooding shifter, he obviously didn't share her feelings. She knew she should try to forget him but instead carried the tears with her as a reminder. When she is attacked in a subway car with no help in sight, she is compelled to use his gift.

At age four the young half-Japanese girl had summoned the god Baku to take away a nightmare. Her father had known then that Saba would become someone special and wise. Malcolm has recognized her strength as well but since his departure Saba had become an extremely powerful witch. She now had the ability to resist a dragon's mark and when she recognizes her assailant for one of Malcolm's brethren she does just that.

This angers her attacker, a White Dragon (known as Frosts because of their cold and cruel nature) who plans to use Saba and her skills both as a computer programmer and a witch to implement a sinister plan. She is no match for his physical strength and uses the dragon's tears to call Malcolm forth. Malcolm's attraction for Saba has not diminished with time apart. Furious at the abuse she's suffered at the hands of the Frost Dragon he attacks her assailant and chases him off but only temporarily.

The White Dragon, known in human form as Roland is greedy for magical power. When he invades Malcolm's own domain, the Dragon Archive, and steals "The Book of All Dragons" which reveals the true names of all inhabitants of Dragonspace, he has the means to enslave Malcolm once more. As long as Roland possesses the book he holds the power to commit atrocities in both worlds. It will take all the power Saba and her friends possess to defeat Roland and save Malcolm and both of their worlds.

This story brings back many old friends including Caleb the Golden and Lisa the Silver Dragon who found and fell in love with each other in DRAGON HEAT and Saba's old Chinatown friends Ming Ue and Lumi, while introducing a new one, Axel, who is neither dragon nor human but whose nature is tied to Saba's heritage and will become apparent as the reader gets deeper into the novel.

Ms. James; newest romantic thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats as Roland attempts his worst while Saba and Malcolm's bond only becomes stronger. Though the book revolves around the growth of their relationship we learn once again how special Lisa the Silver Dragons legacy truly is for only she can has to power to make Malcolm's fondest desire for Saba come true. Look out! A new generation has been introduced and each of the four infants has already begun to display its special heritage. Where will the story take us next? Stay tuned, but in the meantime take a moment to enjoy this truly enthralling romantic fantasy.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 2, 2008


Saba has finally managed to put the black dragon Malcolm out of her mind and out of her life. But an assault by an evil white dragon in human form on a bay area train forces her to use the magic Dragon's Tears Malcolm left behind to call him for help. Malcolm is still as tall and darkly sensual as ever, and Saba fears falling for him again. But Malcolm has returned to the human world for Saba's help--his considerable powers are being drained and he needs Saba's special witch magic to save him.

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The Black Dragon
(Dragon Series: Book 2)
by Allyson James

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
November 1, 2007
Available: November 6, 2007
ISBN #0425218449
EAN #9780425218440
304 pages
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