"fell short of expectations"

Catherine Marais and Paul DuJardin are hunters for a secret organization (The Institute) whose sole goal is to remove werewolves from existence. In this world werewolves are bloodthirsty savage creatures who can not fully control themselves.

Pierre de Montfort is a werewolf and comes from a long line of werewolves who have a history of maturing late. The Institute has been tracking the Montfort werewolves through time and have tracked down Pierre and confirmed that he is indeed a werewolf. Although Pierre appears to be in control of himself the Institute still sends Catherine and Paul after him. They team up with the US contingent of the Institute and vampire Ian Morgan, who has his own reasons to bring down Pierre .

Paul has just finished writing about the history of the Montfort werewolves in French when he meets Julie Buchanan; a teacher and translator, whose family history is also tied in with the Montforts. Paul has Julie translate the story into English as part of the institute's plan to get Pierre . With the hype of the upcoming release of Paul's story in the US , Pierre lost control over his other side; causing him to become violent.

From the book blurb I was looking forward to reading this story. What could be wrong? A female hunter, a werewolf and a vampire love interest, the makings for a great paranormal read. Well, I found out this book was lacking in personality. I have read history text with more passion. Normally having two love stories in one book is a bonus. I am not sure if it was due to the characters being flat or me not connecting to them, but the love scenes were skip-able for me. I connected more with Pierre who was the "bad" person in this story; due to the author giving us more of his thought process. Ian was the only other character who was note worthy and I still wish he could have had more "life" in him.

All in all, Devour is a great idea that fell flat.

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted December 21, 2007


A spellbinding debut, paranormal thriller

A Werewolf... A vampire... And the woman who wants them both.

The dashing Pierre du Montfort is a werewolf who's never had trouble hiding his cursed heritage. But now with his dark secret about to be unleashed, he's willing to do anything-and savage anyone-in order to stay alive...

Beautiful and intrepid werewolf hunter Catherine Marais has no qualms about her destiny. Nothing will stop her from destroying the last Montfort werewolf. Not even Ian Morgan-the 200-year-old vampire whose electrifying touch could tempt Catherine to indulge in a forbidden darkness from which she may never return...


by Melina Morel

October 1, 2007
Available: October 2, 2007
ISBN #0451222512
EAN #9780451222510
336 pages
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