"a true delight to read"

Ever since the day Jayr gave her human life to save Byrne many centuries ago, she has served as his faithful seneschal. She has been his protector and has seen that his every need is other women. For even though Jayr has loved Byrne for all this time, their love is forbidden as that between master and seneschal.

In his mortal life, Aedan mac Byrne ruled as laird of the mac Byrne clan. He was fierce and battle worn and spilled more than his fair share of English blood in Scotland's fight for freedom. It was during the battle at Bannokburn that Byrne met his fate. Lying in a pit dying, Jayr accidentally stumbles upon him and saves him. From that moment on, Byrne has never forgiven himself for destroying Jayr's innocent life and causing the only scars that mar Jayr's flesh. He can't stop thinking about how she saved his life all those years ago and yet, that was how he repaid her. He's loved her as he's never loved anyone else -- or ever will -- but he knows that their love can never be. Byrne has now grown weary of not only this half-life that he is living, but also as serving as suzerain of the Realm. He plans to have one last tournament in which Kyn lord from around the world will compete; but unbeknownst to them, Byrne plans to offer the winner the position of suzerain of his jardin. Little does Byrne realize that this not only will put his jardin in jeopardy, but Jayr's life, as well.

I must admit that when I first started reading this book, I was pretty confused. It had been almost a year since I'd last read Night Lost and I just had a really difficult time getting into the rhythm of the book. However, I know that stems from my own personal issues of having to always read books in order so I'll know what is happening and who the characters are. And therein lied my problem -- I just couldn't remember who Jayr & Byrne were. Actually I guess it's more of a case that I couldn't remember if I was suppose to remember Jayr & Byrne.

I love the Darkyn series. The books are dark and erotic and filled with so much intrigue, that I just can't put them down until the last page is turned. Jayr and Byrne are two characters with both so much honor that they have a difficult time transitioning from their original roles as suzerain and seneschal and into the roles of lovers. They've both harbored this deep, passionate love for one another for hundreds of years, yet both were scared of offending the other or having their feelings rebuffed. I still remember picking up the very first book of the Darkyn series, If Angels Burn¸ and just being floored by this fantastic and unique twist on vampirism. Luckily, Ms. Viehl doesn't disappoint me here either. Evermore was a true delight to read.

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted December 21, 2007


A Novel of the Darkyn

A willing sacrifice

They are the only scars that mar Jayr's milky skin. Scars left by her Darkyn master, Byrne, when she gave him human life to save his. Made immortal, Jayr has served as Byrne's faithful seneschal - and secretly loved him - for centuries.

An enduring bond

Every full moon, Jayr and Byrne renew their oath of loyalty by sharing each other's blood. Although the erotic ritual has become the only intimacy and pleasure they know, the price of immortality demands they they never be more than master and seneschal.

An unimaginable end...

Unbeknownst to Jayr, Byrne decides to leave the Kyn and retreat to a life of isolation. And the sole purpose of the tournament he's holding is to find a new master for Jayr. As the Kyn fight for Byrne's realm, hidden passions and ancient grudges flare to life,, threatening not only Byrne's sanity but Jayr's very existence...

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(Darkyn: Book 5)
by Lynn Viehl

Signet (Eclipse)
January 1, 2008
Available: January 2, 2008
ISBN #0451222849
EAN #9780451222848
283 pages
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