"A Mermaid's Tale..."

The marriage of Egeus Silverfin and Herma Shimmertail may have been arranged to mend a generations-old rift between the two underwater clans, but it's much more than that to Egeus. He fell in love with Herma years ago, and hopes to gain her love and trust in return. Herma is attracted to her gorgeous merman, but determined to discover what happened to her beloved aunt, and suspicious of the Silverfin clan's role in her disappearance. Will her drive to solve the mystery, and her fascination with land dwellers, create an even larger split between the families?

Despite its short length, Ms. Winters manages to create a fantasy piece full of rich detail and well defined characters. Her descriptions of the underwater world, and the humanoid but distinctly different people are beautiful, vivid and precise. The story has a fairy tale quality to it, with mystery, magic and exotic creatures. But make no mistake—this isn't your children's bedtime story! The interaction between Egeus and Herma is hot enough to boil seawater. I had a minor issue with an occasional jarring word use ("Yeah" just didn't seem to flow with the overall tone), but this is, all in all, a satisfyingly sweet but steamy romance beneath the waves. If fantasy floats your boat, check this one out.

Reviewed by Julia Clark
Posted December 21, 2007


If marrying Egeus of the Silverfin clan helps Herma learn about her aunt's disappearance years before, then she'll endure their arranged marriage. Especially since by marrying Egeus, she'd help to join the Silverfin and Shimmertail clans in an important alliance. Herma counts herself lucky Egeus is handsome and nice. That's more than she has a right to hope from a state marriage.

Egeus is of a different opinion. In fact, ever since he first laid eyes on Herma, Egeus wanted her. When it came time to arrange a marriage, he would join with no one but Herma of the Shimmertail clan.

Now, in Herma he's found a sensually responsive mate, and he's determined to show her all the wonders of his undersea world...starting with making love.

Because at some point, Herma is going to learn the truth about the past. And when she finds out, she'll have to make a choice -- the aunt she loved, or her mate, and Egeus refuses to give her up. He'll use whatever bonds he can forge to keep Herma for himself.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.

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Aquatic Alliance
by Mary Winter

Loose Id
December 1, 2007
Available: December 4, 2007
ISBN #1596325844
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