"Will keep your mind and emotions on edge"

Danger hunts Cassie West. Her entire life, her aunt has warned her to keep hidden the unique abilities she possesses, though she refuses to tell her why or anything else about her life, where she came from, who her parents were.

But Cassie wants answers now. On her way to confront her aunt, she meets Nate Chambray and Seth Hawkins who she knows she must have met before but can't place where. She is immediately drawn to Nate, but when her aunt comes to harm and pleads with Cassie to flee to The Lotus Circle where she will find both safety and answers, Cassie is determined to do just that. Until Nate demands to place her safety into his own hands while it grows apparent he and Seth know more about her and her abilities than they've let on.

This novel is full of suspense. Whether Nate should be trusted or not is a wonderfully crafted tightrope of the story where we aren't sure whether Cassie should run from him or to him until the very end. I have to admit, I was never quite sure myself and sometimes I just wanted to slap the man on the backside of his head for being so cryptic all of the time.

This is also a story of self discovery and empowerment as Cassie learns about who she is and what she can do and how much she is willing to take on faith. This is one that will keep your mind and emotions on edge.

Reviewed by Clover Autrey
Posted December 20, 2007


Cassie West is psychic. Adopted as a young child, she doesnít remember who her parents were or where they lived, and those unknowns have always bothered her. Seeking answers, she travels to Mackinac Island to confront her adoptive aunt about the secrets that she holds, but when a tragic fall lands Aunt Eudora in the hospital, Cassie quickly finds her life spinning out of control.

Together with Nate, a mysterious, compelling man she saw in a premonition before he arrived on her auntís doorstep, she runs from those who may have been responsible for her auntís not-so-accidental fall, and into a journey that will change her forever. And somewhere between finding her lost memories, seeking out her lost relatives and finding the truth of the life she was born to live, Cassie is very much afraid she just might find herself falling in love.

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The Peace Seekers
by Joyce Wells

The Lotus Circle
October 1, 2007
Available: October 16, 2007
ISBN #1419980149
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