"Deceptive and Delightful Futuristic Action-Adventure Romance"

TRUE DECEPTION is the second book in a series which involves Directorate alliance between the Korcian Empire and the League of Planets. Intelligence has indicated that the oppressive Conglomerate government of the outer colonies has begun to amass arms in its factories on Hachyn. Terran Ambassador Danna MacFadyen and Korcian Enforcer Cullon Gavriel (TRUE BLOOD), the Directorate Joint Commanders, have assigned Fleet Squadron Commander Aedon Rawn the sole responsibility of traveling to Hachyn to meet with Eiven Jein, leader of the Hachynite Citizens for Freedom resistance group, and give whatever assistance necessary to destroy whatever plans the Conglomerate had for military supremacy.

The Korcian had more than one reason to accept the assignment, not the least being revenge for the death of his wife and daughter at the hands of Hachynite pirates. On Hachyn he is reluctantly led to Jein by Kala Char'ari, a beautiful young resistance fighter. However the meeting is not to be. The pair had been tracked and Jein sets off an explosion designed to kill him self and the government soldiers while destroying the resistance stronghold. Kala and Aedon escape the blast but now Kala is more certain than ever that Aedon is not to be trusted.

With the fate of her planet resting on her shoulders, Kala has no choice but to work with the Korcian as he alone has the necessary military experience to develop a viable strategy for the freedom fighters. The uncertain outcome of the campaign forces the pair to live for the moment and their initial attraction deepens. The passion between them is undeniable but Aedon has secrets he's not willing to share and Kala is not sure she can live with that, if they live at all given the high risk nature of his plan to liberate the planet.

TRUE DECEPTION is an edge of the seat futuristic romance that draws the reader into a complex and fascinating new world. Readers will not only find themselves caring about the people of Hachyn but will be holding their breath as this unlikely pair risks it all not only to free Kala's world from Conglomerate oppression but to save the universe as they know it as well. Their personal relationship is all the more passionate given that each moment might very well be their last, but it also has what it takes to stand the test of survival. Kala is one of the strongest heroines this romance reviewer has come across in years. The enigmatic Aedon's strength is never in question but he never loses sight of whose battle he's fighting and is self confident enough not to be threatened by her leadership role. They make quite a team. Although this combination of action-adventure, dark suspense, science fiction and hot romance can definitely stand alone it is also trademark Patricia Waddell, exploring the depths of human idealism with an emphasis on the power of love. Truly delightful!

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 15, 2007


Embedded in the outer regions of the galaxy, The Conglomerate is a cartel of powerbrokers and assassins whose sole objective is to achieve galactic supremacy.


When things aren’t what they seem When people aren’t who they seem . . .

Aedon Rawn’s world died the day his wife and child were murdered by Conglomerate pirates. Now, his only reason for living is to avenge their deaths. The Directorate gives him that opportunity when he’d selected to become their first undercover agent. His mission——infiltrate and destroy the oppressive government of an outer region colony.

Kala Char’ari is a woman in need of a miracle. She’s dedicated her life to freeing her people, but now that freedom is on the edge of extinction. Risking everything, she dares to trust a dark stranger with the hardened-heart of a warrior.

A man who lives for revenge, a woman who clings to hope, together they fight a common enemy . . . and discover a passion neither one dreamed could exist.


True Deception
(True: Book 2)
by Patricia Waddell

Tor Books
October 1, 2007
Available: October 30, 2007
ISBN #0765354659
EAN #9780765354655
304 pages
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