"an action packed pirate tale"

Adam Chandler couldn't believe what his father and brother had done. The scheming, going against the Sea Goddess and code of the sea. Adam would never have known if he hadn't been in so much pain from his injured legs. He had gone down to get a drink and stretch his legs the best he could. That is when he had found out that his father and brother had gone behind the towns' people backs and hired men to go on the ships, swore themselves to the sea goddess, but really turning against the sea goddess and the captain of the ship. When he finds the new pirate that they had captured was Jaden Fox, Adam is in more shock than ever. See Adam knew who Jaden Fox was. Unlike his father who knew nothing of the history and who he really was; who Jaden Fox worked for. So Adam knew what was coming. He had to make Jaden Fox understand that the townspeople were not in on what his father and brother were doing.

When Jaden Fox meets Adam for the first time he is taken in by the gentle kind soul that Adam carries. He tells Adam to be in the front row and he follows his instructions. After a violent confrontation with Adam's father and brother, Jaden tells Adam to follow him if he chooses. Adam wants to more than anything but allows his fears to rule him. Later Adam wished he had taken the pirate up on his offer. His Father beats him so badly because he felt Adam should have warned him about what was coming. Adam is sent to die or was he? That is how Captain Jaden Fox finds Adam, broken almost beyond repair, his body in extreme pain. But Jaden offers Adam a chance to live anew on his ship. But he would have to swear his support for the Sea Goddess and in doing that he becomes immortal. His pain is taken away, his legs work. Now that Adam's future is not only looking up, but so is his personal life. Adam had only recently started to find anything he could on love between men, what it was, how it was before meeting back up with Jaden. So when Jaden offered not only a future free of pain but also a future with such pleasure, Adam knows he can't say no. As his life is starting to look up things start to happen on the Grey Lady. Crewmen start to disappear. Jaden and Adam know they are on a race against time to find and stop the unknown killer of their crew. But can they fight against this unknown killer? Or will they lose their lives trying?

I can't say enough about this wonderful action pack story. For one I love pirate stories but wow, add in male lovin' and I am so there. Adam had seen so much pain in his short life. He had fought for his country and in the process lost the use of his legs. He can walk with crutches, but the pain at times is almost too much for Adam. When Adam meets Pirate Jaden Fox he is drawn to this man/ghost. Knowing what he did about what his father and brother had done against the Sea Goddess; Adam knew things were going to change and change soon. But Adam's future is changing for the better when he meets back up with Jaden. The story just explodes from there and is fast paced until the last page. I wanted this story to be longer than it was. I could even see a follow up, that is how much I loved what Ms. Knowles wrote.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted December 13, 2007


Despised by his family for his lame legs, Adam Chandler has given up on happiness. When a chance encounter with a legendary pirate lands him aboard the Grey Lady, a ghost ship in the service of the sea goddess, he doesn't expect much. But the ship�s captain, the handsome Jaden Fox, makes Adam a most intriguing offer: teach the pirates to read and write, and Jaden will teach Adam the ways of pleasure.

Adam is an eager student, finding Jaden's powerful caresses and playful passion give him reason to cherish his new life. Desire soon gives way to love, and Adam finally dares to believe he can be happy.

Then the first crewman disappears and it's a race against time to find the killer and save the rest of the crew. Is it another mythical creature, or will shadows from Adam's past separate the two lovers forever?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.

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A Pirate's Primer
by Jill Knowles

Loose Id
September 1, 2007
ISBN #1596325461
EAN #9781596325463
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