"this is one explosive story"

Tryla thought it was so much easier not working with a partner, but when she is told she is going to be teamed up with a partner Tryla never would have thought she would be partnered with a Vhrazhian. Not only were Vhrazhians a past sworn enemy of Tryla's planet, but all of that had changed and her Boss felt she needed a partner like Vharhin. When the Vhrazhian Ambassador comes up missing the choice is taken out of Tryla's hands and she is forced to accept and team up with Vharhin, who most knew as the best VISS agent around. There are moments that all Tryla wants to do is rip him a new one due to his arrogant attitude. But then other times she finds herself drooling over his gorgeous looks and a body to scream over. If that isn't bad enough add into the equation his male pheromones that have Tryla deeply aroused beyond anything she has ever felt before. The two know they are on a time table to find the Ambassador before it is too late and a full intergalactic war breaks out. Tryla finds herself having submissive urges when Vharhin's dominate side comes a call-in. Can she trust in what they are feeling? Feel there is a future with this extremely powerful alien?

Wow, this was one explosive story that took off with a bang and kept going. I loved the story line that Reese Gabriel came up with in this great read. You take Tryla Numidia who is an ErthSec Agent who gets the job done no matter what; team her up with until recently a sworn enemy, Vharhin. What do you get? Yep, one explosive, hot, fast paced story line that keeps you on the edge of your seats wanting more. I loved the way Reese wrote Vharhin, a kick ass dominate alien that knew what he wanted and went after it, no matter who or what was in his way. Then add in his pheromones and you got one big "Party". Oh I just can't wait to see what Reese comes up with next.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted December 13, 2007


If there's one thing ErthSec agent Tryla Numidia hates worse than having a partner, it's working with the notoriously male chauvinistic Vhrazhians. But when the Vhrazhian Ambassador disappears, Tryla is forced to accept help from Vharhin, one of their notorious VISS agents.

Vharhin's arrogant attitude and devastating good looks make for an explosive package, especially when you throw in his male pheromones which are designed to keep females pliant and constantly aroused.

It's a battle of wills as the unlikely duo races to find the diplomat and avert an intergalactic war. Nothing is as it seems, including Vharhin. Can Tryla fight the overwhelming submissive urges unleashed by Vharhin's dominant chemistry…or will she find herself reduced to a mere plaything, panting at the feet of a powerful alien?

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Sci-Fi
Book Length: Plus Novel

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His Sahvria
by Reese Gabriel

Ellora's Cave
November 1, 2007
Available: November 9, 2007
ISBN #1419913387
EAN #9781419913389
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