"A romantic drama that never stops being interesting"

When Veronica Davis left Fossil, Washington years ago, she had no plans to return. However, sometimes family is more important than personal needs. Veronica has come home to learn why Eddie Chapman killed her sister Crystal, and to care for her niece Lizzy, Eddie's abandoned daughter, struggling without either parent at a time of deep need.

Veronica obtains a job at the Honky Tonk bar, a place she vowed to never work again as she once did when her father owned the joint. However, the new bartender/manager Cooper 'Coop' Blackstock makes her time there feel like she is in hell. Coop figures birds of a feather, or is that sisters of a feather? So he concludes that Veronica is just like Crystal though he finds himself reluctantly attracted to the 'princess.' Actually, Coop has his own agenda in trying to solve Crystal's murder. Though both detest the feeling, Coop and Veronica begin to fall in love.

HEAD OVER HEELS is an engaging contemporary romantic suspense that will thrill readers especially with the balance between heroism and nurturing displayed by Veronica. Coop is a hunk, but keeps too many secrets (including his true occupation and identity) from his beloved so that the audience has doubts about his character even at the end. Still the amusing bantering between the two will melt the Ice of everyone. Sub-genre fans will find Susan Andersen's story quite pleasing and will look forward to future novels starring Coop's former Marine comrades in arms.

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 9, 2001


Head Over Heels
by Susan Andersen

Avon Books
January 1, 2002
ISBN #0380819171
384 pages
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