"A Clever and Humorous Light Fantasy"

Tobas of Telven is the inept wizard with an unsual family who was first introduced in WITH A SINGLE SPELL. Here the Wizard's Guild has become concerned with his latest faux pas which was the miscasting of Lugwiler's Haunting Phantasm onto a hand mirror which is now producing the troublesome little pests called Spriggans. The mirror had since fallen into the possession of the Spriggans who have absconded with it to parts unknown.

Spriggans are tiny creatures under a foot tall who emerge periodically from the mirror itself and who in search of fun cause a great deal of mischief for the humans of the three Ethshars. The Wizard's Guild has charged Tobas with the task of recovering the mirror promising him a magical tapestry that will hopefully alleviate the tension caused by having two wives. Having tried all manner of sorcery to no avail he has decided to recruit the merchant Gresh, a man well known for his ability to successfully procure the most unusual supplies required by various practitioners of magic.

After much consideration Gresh agrees to take on the task on the condition that his reward be fitting of the task required -- a spell of eternal youth. One the fee is agreed upon Gresh uses his common sense to get a general direction before embarking on their quest. With all their knowledge of spells and potions no one had ever considered actually questioning a Spriggan before! And it is thus that Gresh embarks on a his journey aboard a magic carpet, with Tobas, his wives Karanissa and Alorria and their child to solve the mystery of the Spriggans. And a mystery it is, for the solution is not something so simple as finding and destroying the mirror as the Guild had requested.

THE SPRIGGAN MIRROR is a light, humorous fantasy with a touch of romance which keeps the reader engrossed as the plot unwinds in unexpected ways. Gresh is faced with numerous challenges from the allure of his first taste of magical power to that of a woman who belongs to another man. In the end Gresh proves himself to be logical, ethical and humane. The ending which suggests that his success may have earned him an additional benefit is both satisfying and leaves the door open for additional tales. An enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 2, 2007


Every wizard in Ethshar knew that if you needed something special, something difficult to find, that Gresh the Supplier was the man to see. He was expensive, but always delivered. So when the Wizards' Guild finally got fed up with the little green nuisances that called themselves "spriggans," the Guild hired Gresh to fetch them the magic mirror that created the troublesome imps. The wizards thought finding it looked impossible. Gresh thought his methods would do the job. But no one had asked the spriggans what they thought!

Published by Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc. in collaboration with Wildside Press, LLC - Cosmos Books is a Division of Wildside Press.


The Spriggan Mirror
(Ethshar: Book 9)
by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Cosmos Books
August 1, 2007
Available: August 1, 2007
ISBN #084395907X
EAN #9780843959079
365 pages
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