"prequel to Passion's Four Towers"

All the Knights from the Guardroom told others that Kerrie rode her lovers so hard and so often that it put them to death way sooner than they should have. Kerry was the Heir that would follow her mother when she passes as the Queen of Marchonland. In being the heir her mother wants her to start producing heirs, or at least one or two now. But what Kerry wants is to be taken with passion, to feel her body on fire for the one that is taking her. She wants passion unlike her parents, which had lived in very separate parts of the house. They married not for love or passion but to further themselves. Kerry knows she can't do that, she wants more and feels she deserves more. Now to find the one that will fulfill those feelings. Then comes a man that could be just that person, a merchant that brings wears and many other things sees Kerry and knows he must have her. When Kerry meets the merchant and feels his eyes, his lust for her makes Kerry feel such passion, just like she had wanted. The way he portrays himself draws Kerry closer and closer to this man. Could he be the one? The love they share is more than Kerry could have asked for, but will it be forever?

This is the story of Kerrie, the Queen. We have read about her daughters but this is the Queens story; of her life and the men that came and went through it, what she went through the years before Passion's Four Towers' story of her daughters. Her stories covers, Alexandre the Rich who she had loved and been loved by .Then you have Brecc the very passionate lusty Duke, who showed what he was made of, the passion he could bring that ignites the pages. Then there is Cesare the very gifted and talented painter that showed his life in his paintings. And of course you have Doran and the ever erotic Farid.

This story has so much happening that you really have to pay attention to who and what is going on. I know lots of readers will just love this story, for me I enjoyed it, but not my usual taste in books, but Dee Brice made this story work for me. I would have enjoyed added depth to the characters' stories.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted December 1, 2007


In Marchon's stables the grooms claim Kerrie rode all her lovers to their early deaths. In the guardroom the knights avow she required her lovers to spear her so often their seed spilled like blood. And in the kitchens the cooks gossip Kerrie kept her lovers on the boil so long they expired from the heat.

You may have met her daughters in Passion's Four Towers. Now meet the notorious queen herself and the men in her life. Alexandre the rich, well-travelled merchant. Brecc the lusty Duke. Cesare the talented painter. Doran. And the delicious Farid.

This book is the prequel to Passion's Four Towers.

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Kerrie's Quest for Passion
by Dee Brice

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2007
Available: September 1, 2007
ISBN #1419912062
EAN #9781419912061
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