"I loved this story!"

Helen has been left to care and guard an ancient Aztec stone when her father died. Being an antique dealer Helen saw a lot of different things come through that most people wouldn't think much of, but being in the line of work she is allows her to see things others think are nothing, but really are gems. As if life isn't busy enough for Helen she goes off and falls for an ancient Roman emperor that is more than what he seems, a vampire. More than anything he would like to become human again, can he?

Constantine has been searching for the right stone that would give him the powers to make what he wants more than anything come true, to become human again. But when Helen makes a deal with one of Constantine's enemies the two realize the danger they and the world are in by this person's hands. All Constantine has wanted for a long time is to become human again, but he never thought he would find someone like Helen and fall in love with her. She has opened his eyes to things he never thought he would feel again. But Helen isn't so sure about vampires. Can the two of them with the help of some friends find the twelve ancient artifacts that had been given to different men when they were cursed? Their goal is to find these artifacts and hide them away where they can never be brought together because if they are the world as they know it will be hell. Can Constantine get what he thought he wanted more than anything, to become human? Will the two of them be able to have a future together? Can Helen look past Constantine being a vampire if he isn't cured and made human again?

No matter what Alicia Sparks writes, it's a story with a huge bang. I loved this story with its fast paced storyline that kept me intrigued from the first page. Who wouldn't want a big bad man like Constantine, who is a wounded soul that only wants to become human again? Then you have Helen that can't help being drawn to this man even with him being a vampire. I can't say enough about this story.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted December 1, 2007


According to history books, Roman Emperor Constantine has been dead for hundreds of years. However, the mysterious deaths of Constantine, Vlad Tepes and others like them are history's way of covering up an ancient conspiracy to take over the world. The gods who manipulated these men gave each of them a magical relic that, when united, would unleash the powers of the Aztec gods.

Now Constantine is in New Orleans, and he's falling in love. But to claim the woman who can save his soul he has to save her life. For Helen, the guardian of an ancient Aztec stone related to the relics, is still learning and making mistakes. When she makes a trade with Constantine's nemesis she places herself in grave danger. Now she needs Constantine's help to save the world, and she might just lose her heart along the way.

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(Relics: Book 1)
by Alicia Sparks

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2007
Available: September 21, 2007
ISBN #141991278X
EAN #9781419912788
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