"a great erotic read"

Gabe and Jade are a strong team in and out of the bedroom. They also write together and have had some success, but they would love to take it to the next level. Then they meet Alex at a party. The ideas he comes up with are crazy but over all could get them somewhere. His idea is for them to become not just a team of two, but a team of three. Gabe has some trepidation about expanding out, but Jade's feelings are the total opposite. Jade doesn't want to just write off Alex's ideas without checking them out further. So during a tarot reading she is shocked to draw a Three of Pentacles. In doing so she starts to believe it is a sign that she isn't willing to just let Gabe overlook what Alex has brought up. What the two don't realize is that Alex is a Mage of the Dionysian Oracle. He has to have the two of them invite him in to fulfill his initiation rites. As time goes on Alex starts to feel strong feelings for Jade and Gabe that makes him see that he isn't the only one that can do Love Magic, because the two of them have shown him how to love. Can Jade and Alex get Gabe to see how much better it would be with Alex? To get Gabe to see the hole that had always been there can be filled by Alex, the man that makes them whole? That Alex can show Gabe that there is nothing wrong with feeling the loving touch of another man.

Mardi Ballou has done it again. This was a great erotic read that just flew off the pages. Jade and Gabe were a great writing duo, not only were they writing together as a team, they were a great team together. When Alex walks into their lives saying that he can help their writing explode in the market but also be an addition to their team in the bedroom, Gabe isn't so sure he wants that; to share his woman with another man. But some of it was what Alex made Gabe feel, that scared Gabe. The way that Mardi Ballou writes her stories have kept me reading her books since the first one. Keep it up Mardi, you will always have me as a reader of your great books.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted December 1, 2007


A Multi-Author Series

Jade and Gabe are a perfect match. As lovers and coauthors, they have everything they need and want—almost. All they crave is great success for their writing. When they meet Alex at a party, he has a proposal for them. He wants to collaborate with them on a new literary work. Jade is sure it's a sign—after all, she did just draw the Three of Pentacles in a Tarot reading. But Gabe isn't sure he wants to share his writing—or his lady—with the mysterious Alex, who tests his comfort zones on more than one level.

Little does the happy couple know that Alex is a Mage of the Dionysian Oracle, and he needs to be invited into their partnership to complete his initiation rites. As Gabe and Jade begin to open up to him, though, he soon finds he's not the only one capable of love magic. Alex quickly realizes he'll need to choose—the way of his order or the way of his heart.


Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Paranormal / Menage a trois or More / Gay
Book Length: Novel

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Triple Booked
(Torrid Tarot)
by Mardi Ballou

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
ISBN #1419912976
EAN #9781419912979
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