"L'enforcier meets his match"

Again Ms. Roycraft has taken a distinctive twist from traditional vampire lore to bring readers an entertaining story. Not a traditional horror tale or romance, AFTERIMAGE is an entertaining multifaceted novel including points of intrigue and romance set within the vampire subculture in contemporary time.

The international vampire culture hinted at in DOUBLE IMAGE comes alive with more information of the ruling Directorate of vampires and a personal look at Drago was the most powerful l'enforcier for the Directorate.

Alex Dragovich, best known as Drago was sent to pass judgment on Marya, granddaughter of mortal Roma woman and vampire: daughter of a dhampir. Her " vampire blood" makes her blood poison to vampires and a human able to detect vampires -- and therefore a danger to their community. Marya has put her life "on hold" the past 12 years awaiting this, her final evaluation, the decision will be made for her life or death. Although Drago hates aberrations, he is irritated with the Directorate and on a whim grants her life. Drago has never found the "affaire d'amour" and is appalled that he may be developing feelings for this dhampir.

When Marya is told Drago has reversed his decision, she retaliates by threatening to kill him or any other vampire that comes. Drago did not change his decision and is infuriated by her threat. Finding that someone is trying to undermine his authority Drago must keep her with him to protect Marya, who has become a pawn in this power struggle. Will Nikolena, his supervisor come to his aid or has his lone-wolf approach left him fighting this battle on his own? Who among his associates can he trust and who wants him to receive the final death?

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted December 8, 2001


Russian Alek Dragovich, head enforcer for the Undead, is feeling the weight of his years and has yet to find the elusive affaire d'amour that would lighten his burden. When Gypsy Marya Jaks, daughter of a vampire hunter, tries to kill Drago, the two are thrust into a game of death and betrayal where no one can be trusted.


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by Jaye Roycraft

December 1, 2001
ISBN #1893896749
EAN #9781893896741
242 pages
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