"Sizzling Hot Romance"

Alcyone Sterling, a succubus is the owner of a strip club. She has a secret admirer who leaves her beautiful unique flowers. At the masquerade party, they have one wild night that literally blasts the preternatural world. She knows this man is no demon, but his power is nothing she's ever tasted. When her lover reveals himself, she realizes he's all she'll ever need.

Char is one of the last Fire elemental dragons. He recognizes Alcyone as his mate, but her demon status could prove to be a problem with the other members of his family. Demons sided with the fire demon god, and in his brother, Kael's eyes, they cannot be trusted.

Alcyone and Char's relationship is tested, loyalties revealed and an unexpected ally will step forward to save the day.

Wow! The Price sisters know how to write scorching hot loves scenes—Fire in His Eyes and everywhere else. The secondary characters are as heartwarming as the hero and heroine and you will fall in love with them, too. Like most relationships, you have to work out your differences and family members can oftentimes be difficult. Char and Alcyone are soul mates. They work well together and in the end, true love conquers all.

Don't miss Deep Water. Kael, the temperamental brother finds his mate. You may be surprised who his heart chooses.

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted November 28, 2007


Years ago, Dragons, native to the Afterverse, were hunted to extinction, the unfortunate recipents of unwarrented genocide. Those who escaped the holocaust fled, hiding themselves away. Whispers of the hidden, all that remained died and they were left in peace, sulking on the fringes of existance, forced to appear human to hide from those that would hunt them.

Alcyone Sterling, succubus and owner of Pinkys XXX has a secret admirer, who is leaving her exotic and rare flowers and jewelry beyond beautiful. She doesn't know who it is, and gets even more curious after a clandestine liaison in her bedroom involving a few silk ties and a blindfold.

Char, Fire elemental and strongest of the last dragons left in the Eververse, is obsessed and in love with the young succubus, and recognizes her as his mate, regardless of her demon status. He has to have her, and will do anything to attain her. When the rest of what's left of his dying race decided to interfere, Char is forced to made some very rash decisions, all in the name of love.


Fire in His Eyes
(Dragon Elementals: Book 1)
by Audra Price, Stella Price

Tease Publishing
August 1, 2007
Available: August 1, 2007
ISBN #1934678139
EAN #9781934678138
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