"Passionate 18th century ghost bring 20th century trouble"

18th century ghost, Andrew Domine has haunted the Inn of the Green Dragon reliving history and spending 4 passionate nights with any black haired Elizabeth [Bess] who stayed in that room. Mystery writer E. Mariah Summers was visiting England and had first hand experience of this ghostly lover. Later she moved to England and through matchmaking friends, meets Dartmoor financier Andrew, a descendant of the ghost. Circumstances and misunderstandings destroy their budding relationship. Plots and intrigues by Andrew's enemy draw both him and Mariah together to fight for their lives and a second chance at love.

The author ties the many segments of the plot together in an engaging fashion. I enjoyed the ghost being ancestors instead of dealing with reincarnation and seeing them through to the end of the tale. The secondary characters all have full love lives and focus within the story. I think this would appeal to those who want a spicier contemporary version of Lynn Kurland's ghost stories.

This is an interesting suspense with randy ghost and outspoken characters. I must admit that 'modern erotic romance' is spicier than I usually read. The seduction scenes in this book definitely rate the erotic label; so I would not recommend it to the more conservative reader. Sexual attitudes and phrases were distracting on occasion. I found myself overlooking 'modern' rough language that I found unromantic but not objectionable. A more Cosmo reader would not note this as difficulty; it is just my personal preferences.

Cy Korte Copyright November, 2001
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted December 7, 2001


Mariah Summers has found her dream lover at an old inn in rural Britain, a highwayman from the eighteenth century. But there's one hitch -- he's a ghost, albeit a lusty one, forever in search of his own true love. The roguish specter of Andrew Domine has haunted the Inn of the Green Dragon for centuries where he has seduced women with coal black hair, at least those that resemble his lost beloved, Bess. Now he has found Mariah and their nights of passion have nearly rivaled those he once shared with his own black-haired beauty.

The ghost's wrath descends upon Mariah when he believes she has betrayed him with another and he curses her to a life without love. The curse drives her to his modern-day counterpart, a brooding and arrogant Dartmoor financier with a strong appetite for brothels and Irish whiskey -- a man who fears love more than he fears death. As they try to find the courage to embrace love once more, an old enemy arises, one with a two-hundred-year-old score to settle. Based on the poem, The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes.


The Lover's Knot
by Jana G. Oliver

MageSpell Press
December 1, 2001
Available: November 11, 2006
ISBN #0970449003
EAN #9780970449009
362 pages
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