"a great read"

When Guy Lake woke up this morning he never dreamed his day would go so haywire. Guy, an ex-Marine is rescued by who else but from the kidnapper, a man who says he is Rasputin; who in doing so sets off a chain of events that no one can control or understand. Like his Mother or the Judge at Rasputin's trial and to the bodyguard who is called Asmael. Guy just doesn't know what to believe, was he kidnapped against his will? Did he go willingly? Who is this man who goes by Rasputin? Is he who he says he is, an Immortal with powers that are not only shocking but powers that one could only dream of having? He is the Guardian of the Gates of Hell, or is he a man that is crazy in the mind and only needs help? Is Guy the man for Rasputin, his prince that can make him whole instead of half the man he is? And is Asmael the Guardian of the Damned and not the bodyguard that Guy thought him to be?

Wow, Willa Okati is always above and beyond in her story telling, but this book even blew me away and I have read several of her books. I loved this book; it was different, quirky and just plain a great read. I can never get enough of Willa's books and can't wait to see what she comes out with next.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 26, 2007


When ex-Marine Guy Lake is rescued from his supposed kidnapper, a man purporting to be Rasputin, it sets of a chain of events that no one can explain. From Guy's mother to his psychiatrist, from the judge at Rasputin's trial to the enigmatic bodyguard, Asmael.

Why is Guy so sure he wasn't taken against his will? Who is Rasputin? Is he really an immortal with the power of healing hands, the guardian to the gates of Hell? Or is he just a man, and a crazy one at that? Find out in this fascinating tale of love and danger!

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The Gates of Hell
(Everday Spectres)
by Willa Okati

Torquere Press
October 1, 2007
ISBN #1603700714
EAN #9781603700719
73 pages
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