"strong characters in a story of good against evil"

Inaeus is on a very important mission; he must recover a powerful crystal and in his spare time stop a demon from destroying their world, what a piece of cake, not. Inaeus has his hands full. Conde, a woman from his past that he cannot forget, is also a soldier; she knows things, secrets that a hidden person in the League wants Inaeus and Conde dead. So Inaeus must put aside the past and team up with Conde to stop the demon, and to see if the feelings they share can bring them closer than ever before. Will the two of them be enough to conquer and finish the mission alive?

This is a strong story filled with gory details but also has an underlining story of romance that brings it all together nicely. Kim Knox made it all just work, even with the graphic scenes which normally I am not a fan of, but she changed my mind. The way she built the story of Conde and Inaeus showed characters that where intense, Conde is a woman that is strong willed and isn't shy about what she feels, and then Inaeus was so much like her, they were both people you wouldn't want to cross any day. This story put good against evil and the two characters that were going to put evil in its place. A world like no other that was full of magic, intertwined with romance, who could ask for more.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 24, 2007


A Demon is on the loose. And itís bad to the bone.

Muscles and mind straining, Inaeus hurled the sword. Spell-thick steel buried itself deep into the monsterís spine. The Demon screamed down the night in its painÖ

That should have been the end of it. It wasnít.

The Demon is once again on the loose, and this time it possesses a powerful crystal that has it leaving even more death in its wake. With the approach of the full moon, Inaeus must kill the demon and destroy its crystal before it can call more of its brethren from hell.

Inaeus knows who summoned the Demon. Conde. His former colleague, his former friend. The one woman he canít have. Conde has no loyalty to the League he serves, and broke his trust long ago. But now she is back and offering to help him defeat her creature.


Come hell or howling Harpies, Inaeus is determined to get the truth out of Conde. If they live long enough.

Warning: This book contains the following: sex, gore, magic spells and a really cool demon.

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To Summon A Demon
by Kim Knox

Samhain Publishing
August 1, 2007
Available: August 21, 2007
ISBN #1599985500
EAN #9781599985503
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