"a Halloween treat, no tricks"

Desideria de Sota had always felt safe in her dreams. But lately her dreams have changed into very highly erotic, heat filled dreams that seem to center around Professor Ian Cuvos. Desi is starting to wonder what is going on with herself. I mean she isn't really upset about how highly erotic they are but sometimes that makes it hard to see Ian and not think of what she has dreamed of him. The dreams feel so real that when she comes awake her body still hums with the erotic feelings of being touched. Desi knows they are just dreams because being a witch, she would know if something unnatural was going on with her, or would she?

Ian Curvos has waited too many years to find the right woman, one that was meant for him. Ian can't keep his excitement in check when he finds that woman, Desi de Soto. But Ian has an uphill battle ahead of him to seduce Desi, to get her to fall in love with him before the night ends on Halloween night. If he is not successful he will doomed to live the half life, feeding off of sexual energy in woman's dreams. Can he get the woman that is meant for him to feel how right they are together, that they were made for each other before it is too late?

Now I have to say this was one of my favorite of the Tricks and Treats from Ellora's Cave. When you get a story that shows that even after years of trying to find the woman that was made for him, to fulfill him; she was out there, all he had to do was keep looking and not give up. And that woman turns out to be Desideria, a witch. Oh, if I could only have some of these dreams she had :)

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 24, 2007


Normally, dreams are peaceful respites, but lately, Desi's are nothing short of erotic adventures — with the oh-so-sexy Dr. Ian Cuvos playing ringmaster. Her naughty nocturnal escapades feel so incredibly real that she's convinced she's subconsciously tapping into an energy conduit amplified by Halloween's approach. But when magic is involved, there's always a price.

From the moment Desi de Soto steps into his life, Ian — an incubus hiding behind the identity of a philosophy professor — is enthralled…and shocked to discover Desi can withstand his sexual feedings. Longing for an eternal mate and desperate to free himself of his nightly wanderings, he must seduce and obtain a pledge of love from Desi. Providing the revelation of his demonic side doesn't drive her away.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Quickie / Paranormal
Book Length: Quickie

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Nocturnal Obsession
(Tricks and Treats)
by Lolita Lopez

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2007
Available: October 24, 2007
ISBN #1419913107
EAN #9781419913105
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