"two worlds collide with heat and emotion"

Having the type of job that Mia Logan does makes for some weird times. Mia is a psychologist who specializes in hypnotizing those who are criminals into admitting their wrongs and crimes. But up till now she didn't really worry too much about them doing anything to her because, hello, they are put away. But all of that changes for Mia when one of her criminals escapes. Mia finds herself teaming up with Ric, a futuristic criminal tracker that specializes in finding escaped criminals. Ric isn't happy that he has been sent to earth to team up with a human woman. He had set his heart on making his appointment with a M'Loran Pleasure Aide. See on his planet all unmarried men have to have a sexual release, so when he isn't able to keep that appointment he becomes extremely frustrated. After getting to know each other, Mia is told that there is no way of hypnotizing him. Oh, Mia sees that as a challenge and decides to bet him that she can. So Mia decides why not try hypnotizing Ric into what she dreams of, having Ric fulfill her sexual dreams, desires. Ric decides why not play along with Mia because he finds her full of life, hot and can't seem to keep his thoughts or hands off of her. So he decides to let her think she has done it. But what will Rick do when Mia finds out about his sneakiness? Will Mia understand that Ric would have done anything to get her to think she had succeeded so he could touch her, give her all the passion she wanted?

All I can say is "WOW", Jaci Burton did it again. Ms. Burton drew me from the first page to the last, the way she takes two worlds and brings them together with a bang. To team Mia and Ric up and to see the heat and emotion build between the two had me holding my breath and biting my nails throughout the whole story. I have enjoyed many of Jaci Burton's books and I keep telling myself that she can't get better than what she already is, but boy am I wrong.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 24, 2007


Mia Logan is a hypnotist with futuristic Earth's Alien Crime Enforcement Unit. Her specialty—hypnotizing suspects into confessing their crimes. Ric is a M'Loran who hunts down alien criminals. Ric and Mia are hot on the trail of the notorious Vad, a ruthless killer who has escaped his Earth prison.

While hunting for Vad, Mia gives in to her secret desire for Ric and challenges that she can hypnotize him. Her ulterior motive - having the sexy M'Loran under her control.

Ric knows he can't be hypnotized and lets Mia believe he's under her control. He's completely mesmerized by Mia without benefit of hypnosis and caters to every one of her sexual desires.

As their feelings escalate, so does their guilt about the lies they've told. The truth catches up to them at the same time they find Vad. They must fight to capture and subdue Vad, and face the truth about their feelings for each other.

Line: Aeon (Futuristic, Sci-Fi), Anthology, Twilight (Paranormal, Shapeshifter)
Book Length: Novella
Book Type: eBook

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True Lies
by Jaci Burton

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
ISBN #1419913778
EAN #9781419913778
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