"You'll be Swept Away"

Bryn Case's faith in love is shattered when a Conglacion Demon tricks her into bargaining her soul away. Bryn knows she can't change what happened, but she can learn by her mistakes. She vows never to let a man close to her heart again. She moves to the Virgin Islands and because of her love of the sea, she becomes a diver at one of the resorts. When Kael shows up, she's ready to tell him to get lost, but one kiss and she find herself drowning in his embrace.

Kael is a Water element dragon. He loathes demons, but his curious nature gets the better of him. He must know why the sea calls to Bryn, why it loves her. What he didn't bargain on was losing his heart to her.

I loved the quick-witted banter between the characters while their chemistry sweetly unfolds into a whirlwind of passion. The sensual water scene between Bryn and Kael, when he is in his dragon form is pure poetry. Stella and Audra Price have written a story of healing, trust and passion. As the sea calls to Bryn and Kael, this tale of true love will sweep you away.

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted November 23, 2007


Bryn Case is a Dive instructor in on of the most beautiful places on earth at a very exclusive resort. On the evening she meets Kael, a sexy guest at the resort, she thinks she's found her soul mate. Kael on the other hand, a Water elemental dragon, knows Bryn, a Glacies demon, is exactly what he's been looking for his entire life, and curses it. After all that had happened so far, to lose his heart to a demon is not something he's prepared to do.

Between treasure hunting and her love of the sea, Kael knows this woman is everything he's ever wanted, its just finding and dealing with the demon that has her soul that's going to be a bitch.

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Deep Water
(Dragon Elementals: Book 2)
by Stella Price, Audra Price

Tease Publishing
September 1, 2007
Available: September 1, 2007
ISBN #1934678163
EAN #9781934678169
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