"wonderful character development"

Keir is an incubus that has had some hard problems and became an outcast in his own world escaped to the human world four years before. When he left so many didn't understand why, including his mother. His mother thinks that if she sends his close friend Christophe to ask him to come home that maybe he will listen to him. So Christophe finds Keir and tells him he must come home because his Mother needs his help. Keir had never felt he was right for the realm because he didn't think he could give what was needed, an heir. But that doesn't matter when his mother needs something done in the human world, and if his mother thinks he is the right person for the job, then Keir must try. Keir never in a thousand years thought that he would be sent to do this for his mother. And that he would be lucky enough to be part of a team with Christophe. Christophe is a mighty hot fire demon that he has known since childhood but the feelings he brings out in Keir are pure "Heat". Can Christophe and Keir accomplish what they were sent to do? Will what they feel for each other be enough to show Keir that he is what they need back home?

Wow, I loved the way Dianne Fox wrote Keir in this wonderful story. How he wasn't perfect, that to me brings realism into this story. I loved the way Dianne wrote Keir and Christophe's growth from childhood friends to much, much more. I sure hope I get the chance to read more by Dianne Fox because I feel she is an up and coming great in the publishing world.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 20, 2007


When Keir left the Realm four years ago as a self-proclaimed outcast, he left a lot of people confused, including his mother. When she sends his old friend Christophe to bring him home, Keir is less than thrilled. How does a guy explain that his magic just doesn't work like it's supposed to?

Kier soon finds out that it's not explanations his mom is after. She's the Queen of the Realm, and she has a quest for Kier and Christophe that will test their mettle, and their relationship. Can the incubus and the angel find what they're looking for in the human world? Or will they lose everything they hold dear?

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Angels Come to Visit
(A Torquere Press Highball)
by Dianne Fox

Torquere Press
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
ISBN #1603700722
EAN #9781603700726
73 pages
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