"Fantasic Sequel to Eternity"

INFINITY is ETERNITY's sequel. While ETERNITY was good, INFINITY was fantastic.

INFINITY is about an immortal woman from the first book who by an odd turn of events is Raven's sister. Much of the story takes place in the early 16th century in Scotland, where Adrianne grew up. She's mortal and 17 when we meet her, but well aware of her potential as a witch. I thought this was an incredible characterization of a proud, stubborn, know-it-all 17-year-old girl. She jumps into battles with no thought of her mortality, with no thought to consequences, just because her pride is stung, or if she sees a wrong being done. Nicodemus was well drawn too, as a slightly world-weary immortal that is drawn to protect this headstrong girl from herself. Together they have to face a trio of evil immortals who are determined to see their end.

I also really liked the secondary character Nidaba. I hope she gets a book. She deserves a better ending. And I liked the fact that the characters from the first book had a pretty important part in the second. I'm used to seeing cameos of characters from previous books but I liked that Maggie Shayne made them an important part of the second book.

Sheila Raines - Copyright © 1999

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 7, 2001


For five centuries he has been dead to this world, his body lying dormant in the Highlands of Scotland. Yet as an Immortal High Witch, Nicodimus Lachlan has never truly been dead - instead, his spirit has been suspended in an eternity of darkness. His heart stolen away in the ultimate act of betrayal, his mind can only remember the vibrant, golden girl whose passion touched his sould, but whose treachery cost him his life...

For five centuries Arianna has suffered, until at last she discovers a way to bring back her love. But the power that returns Nicodimus to her arms also summons an ancient enemy - an evil that threatens all they hold dear. To fight this dark danger, Arianna and Nicodemus must confront the past. Only then can they rekindle the love their immortal hearts could never forget, and reclaim infinity in each other's embrace...


(Immortal Witches: Book 2)
by Maggie Shayne

Jove Pubns
October 1, 1999
Available: October 1, 1999
ISBN #0515126101
EAN #9780515126105
342 pages
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