"Witch Paranormal - Wonderful Sequel to Eternity"

Maggie Shayne has proven without a doubt to be a master of her "craft"! Her Immortal High Witches are destined to become as beloved as her vampires. Both prequel and sequel, INFINITY is every bit as fine as it's predecessor, ETERNITY. I truly hope there will be others to follow.

ETERNITY left Arianna restored to life. The dark witch who'd plagued her sister had been vanquished. She was to return his cache of stolen hearts to their owners. One belongs to her husband, a man who lost it in what he must have believed an ultimate act of betrayal.

Nicodimus Lachlan's body has lain in limbo for five centuries. An Immortal High Witch he cannot die, but while another possesses his heart, neither can he live.

We are transported back to the time shortly after the death of Arianna's sister. Desolate, her wild, rebellious, behavior has drawn notice from the villagers. She is seen in the company of "the crones", outcasts who perform witchcraft in secret.

Centuries old, Nicodimus spends most of his time battling foes who would take his powerful heart for their own. Arianna's village is his only haven. Nic has recognized Arianna as another of his kind. He'd noticed the crescent shaped birthmark on her right flank when she was a toddler. He has checked up on her often over the years. She's now seventeen, beautiful, and betrothed to a man she refuses to marry. Her betrothed seeking to prove her a witch, cuts her badly to determine whether she bleeds. Nic rescues her and takes her to the protection of the keep. The laird decrees that she must marry but gives her the right to choose her mate. She chooses Nic.

Nic had loved once but the death of his family weighs heavily on his heart. Not wish to become vulnerable again, he declines. Arianna flees; Nic follows. He is alarmed by smoke coming from the direction of the crones' dwelling. He finds the crones cruelly executed as witches and Arianna amid the crowd denouncing the villagers' crimes. He claims her to save her from a similar fate. His terms are that she be a bride in name only. Arianna is determined to win Nic's love.

Desire for Arianna overwhelms Nic, but his past is catching up with him. He'd saved his first wife from her brutish brothers. Seeking revenge, they'd learned the secret of immortality and battled Nic for centuries after her death. He'd thought his haven safe, but his enemy strikes mere moments after he makes love to Arianna. Rushing to defend the village, he makes Arianna promise to stay safely hidden. He finds only devastation. Returning he finds Arianna gone, taken by his worst enemy. He must fight but it is a battle he is destined to lose. He has lost his heart to Arianna, but another takes it.

Now after five centuries Arianna has Nicodimus back. Will it be enough to that he lives, knowing that he will never love her?

Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 7, 2001


For five centuries he has been dead to this world, his body lying dormant in the Highlands of Scotland. Yet as an Immortal High Witch, Nicodimus Lachlan has never truly been dead - instead, his spirit has been suspended in an eternity of darkness. His heart stolen away in the ultimate act of betrayal, his mind can only remember the vibrant, golden girl whose passion touched his sould, but whose treachery cost him his life...

For five centuries Arianna has suffered, until at last she discovers a way to bring back her love. But the power that returns Nicodimus to her arms also summons an ancient enemy - an evil that threatens all they hold dear. To fight this dark danger, Arianna and Nicodemus must confront the past. Only then can they rekindle the love their immortal hearts could never forget, and reclaim infinity in each other's embrace...


(Immortal Witches: Book 2)
by Maggie Shayne

Jove Pubns
October 1, 1999
Available: October 1, 1999
ISBN #0515126101
EAN #9780515126105
342 pages
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