"this wonderfully intriguing story just blew me away"

Savage is a bounty hunter with an edge. He is not just human but half Rabian. Being half-Rabian shifter had its moments where Savage couldn't dream of being anything else, but when he meets Alaya years before he starts to fear what he is and if she will ever accept the beast inside him. From the day he had rescued her from the evils of her step father, Savage had known she was going to be his. When her step father had tried to sell her as a sex slave Savage found them and put a stop to it. As he got to know Alaya he grew to care about her. So when on their marriage night his passion had taken over his body and he shifted, Alaya had screamed and Savage thought his fears were coming true. But in truth it was because she had thought he was angry at her. Savage had always said that he wouldn't force Alaya to be with him like his father had done to his mother. Alaya had always loved Savage; from the day he came into her life to when he stepped in to rescue her. But all of that changed due to this misunderstanding and Savage left Alaya on their marriage night three years before. Savage didn't realize that Alaya knew all about his other half and that it hadn't stopped her from loving him. But that is all about to change when Savage decides he is going to Alaya to ask her if she wants to stay married or end their marriage. But right before he is due to go to the planet he learns that the planet that Alaya lives on has been attacked. When Savage finds this out he goes wild with fear, worrying that he might have lost his chance to take back what he wants and needs, his wife.

Alaya has loved Savage for years, but he had left her on their marriage night. Now three years later the planet she knew and loved has been attacked. She had been one of the lucky ones that had escaped being captured. Her and a few others had found each other and are hiding out. When Savage sees her again he just knows that there is no way that he will leave her again. But Savage has a fight on his hands to free the others that have been captured. Can Savage earn the trust of the woman he loves more than anything? Can Alaya except who she will become after sharing herself with Savage?

This story caught me from page one. The world that L.A. Day built in this wonderfully intriguing story just blew me away. The way she showed Savage as a man but also a dominate beast. To me when an author as good as L.A. Day writes them no one can touch them. Her story was action packed from the moment Savage finds out Alaya's planet is attacked and fears she is hurt till the moment he finds her; it was so intense I was holding my breath. When Savage and Alaya come together it is with such explosive passion that it heated up the room. I have found that L.A. Day is one of my top picks of authors I want to own in e-book and paperback. I can't give this story a high enough rating.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 19, 2007


This book is part of the Hunters for Hire series. It is a stand- alone book.

Savage, a bounty hunter and half-Rabian shifter, needs a woman. He needs his wife, Alaya.

He'd left her alone on their wedding night three years ago after she'd screamed in fear when he'd become highly aroused and started to shapeshift. Now it is time to face his demons—to consummate his marriage or end it.

Fate steps in, sending them headlong into danger. Seeing her again ignites his desire, and jealousy arouses his dominant nature. Using her passions against her, he persuades her to submit to him for all to hear. But even if Alaya can adapt to his feral lust, unseen danger lurks, waiting to rip them apart again.

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(Hunters for Hire series)
by L. A. Day

Ellora's Cave
November 1, 2007
Available: November 7, 2007
ISBN #1419912992
EAN #9781419912993
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