"kept me so enthralled I couldn't put it down"

Everything in Roger Malloy's life went downhill after he met Lorcan MacKenna. Roger met Lorcan when working on a case for the Secret Service. He set his senses on fire, the darkness around him he couldn't explain or understand, but that is all about to change when a meeting with a woman sets his blood on fire, and two men that make him want to have a man and a woman like he has never thought before. Unknown to Roger until now is that Lorcan is a vampire and Adria and her two men are out to take out all the evil vampires. They were meant to find the Rememdiu, the one that is the cure and will take out the evil vampires, but is that fact or fiction? So the day that Roger was relieved of his job and put on paid leave, he went to the bar right near his home. Unknown to him the woman he meets is the owner and she has been watching him for two years now, she feels he is the Rememdiu. She comes on to him in the bar as he watches her two men taking care each other and he is turned on more than he ever thought and wished he could be by men. But Adria takes care of him but oh So Good! As Adria tells him more about vampires and what she feels he is, the more he believes and feels what she is talking about. He starts to feel for these three wounded souls, and they become his wounded souls and no one is going to hurt them while he was alive. But as things come to light he starts to disagree with Adria's thoughts on this and realizes that he needs to find out more and find it out soon before it is too late and all hell breaks out. He must find out what is real and what is fake before more people get hurt.

Wow, I cannot recommend Shayla Kersten highly enough. I love her style of writing and just can't get enough. I wanted more with this story and hope she continues because let me tell you she is one gifted woman. This story continues with Roger Malloy finding out that he isn't human, and if he goes by what Adria says he is the "Rememdiu", the cure to vampires and taking their evil off of earth one by one. But Roger knows Lorcan MacKenna, and feels what Adria believes isn't totally the truth, not all vampires are evil and he plans to prove it and soon. I hope that Ms. Kersten knows that from this day forward I will read anything she writes because she can write a story that kept me so enthralled I couldn't put it down until the last word was read, and then I wanted more. This story is one of the highest recommended books; I can say I would read over and over and over again.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 18, 2007


Roger Malloy has devoted his life to the Secret Service until one assignment gone wrong destroys his career. Little does he know how the chain of events started by his contact with Lorcan MacKenna will end. Now on the wildest ride of his life, Roger finds himself drawn to a strange trio of people claiming to be immortal vampire hunters.

Adria has spent the last four hundred years looking for the Rememdiu, the one person capable of destroying the night demons, only to find a very uncooperative Roger Malloy. Although she knows he has the genetic makeup to be the Cure to the scourge of vampires, convincing him is harder than she expected. Her two men are more than willing to help her persuade him in any way necessary. Unknown to her is Roger's true nature and the real meaning of the Cure.

Reader Advisory: While a stand-alone, for greatest reader enjoyment, it is recommended The Cost of Eternity be read first.

enre : Vampire / Menage a trois or More / Gay

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The Rememdiu
by Shayla Kersten

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
ISBN #1419911643
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