"A Very Unique Time Travel Romance"

Honoria Psyche Fitzhugh, even her name belongs to a time gone by. Is it any wonder that she views the image a Michelangelo's David as the perfect man? A museum curator, she is about to reveal the crowning achievement in her career, a life size replica of the famous sculpture that she discovered by accident in Italy. But fate has a something else in store for Honor. Lab tests reveal the statue to be a fake. The only career she'd ever wanted is lost to her, and soon she will lose the statue as well. Embracing the statue, her tears fall upon his marble feet. The feel of the stone is becoming decidedly warm, however. Before her eyes her renaissance man has come to life. He is Dominico Castiglione, an apprentice of Michelangelo, and obviously his inspiration as well!

The prophecy, spoken to him by and angel, has foretold his destiny. Dom was turned to stone in the year 1599, for cursing God for his sad fate. He is to be given a chance to redeem himself at the dawn of a new millennium, restored to life by the tears of a virgin. He must find his last living relation and restore his faith, for this man will have a great impact on the future. If he succeeds he will be able to live out his natural life in the time of his choosing. If he fails he will return to stone for eternity!

With the supposed forgery missing, and the need to find Dom's wayward relative, the couple flee across country from Portland to New York City, aided by Honor's assistant Ernie. They move into one half of a Brownstone jointly owned by Ernie and his brother Nick. Nick is suspicious but turns a blind eye. The fugitives find employment, Honor in a museum cafeteria, Dom cutting marble. In their spare time they seek out Dom's wayward nephew, a former Navy Seal, Rafael Castigi, who's lost his faith in himself and in mankind. They find him drowning himself in a bottle.

All kinds of obstacles present themselves. Honor wants to make the most of her time with Dom. Dom wants to be noble. He fears for her life and his soul. Both Ernie and the New York museum's curator suspect a miracle. Nick remains skeptical but loves his brother and does what he can to help. The authorities are in hot pursuit. Rafe resists reform, and Honor suddenly has more to worry about than whether or not Dom will take her back with him to his own time. As the clock ticks away the millennium will she lose the man of her dreams to stone cold marble? What is in that book that Ernie is hiding?

This is a story about faith, love and hope with a little charity thrown in for good measure. If you like a fast paced adventure with a lot of character interaction and a happy ending, I recommend this book.

Sept. 1999
Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 7, 2001



His was timeless perfection, molded by a genius. He stood magnificently tensed for action, noble, confident, and invincible. His firm hips cradled superior masculinity. His body reflected the heroic ideal of an age; once every thousand years such a flawless man existed. And Honoria Psyche Fitzhugh recognized in him the soulmate she'd always pined for and the champion she sorely needed. Too bad he was a stone-cold statue....

...A statue on which Honor had staked her career as a museum curator. As Honor examined his awesome grace, she could not help reaching out to trace the outline of his taut muscles. But when the white marble turned to warm flesh under her fingertips, Honor knew she would risk more than her future in the art world for the man she had liberated with her touch.

His sculpted legs, poised for whatever challenges lay ahead, stepped off his pedestal, and his chiseled arms, sharply defined with strength, wrapped around her, and Honor knew he had the power to cast the shape of her future.

At the dawn of a new millennium, Honor had awakened a true Renaissance man, but had she found a love to carry her into the next century?


Heaven's Rogue
(Heaven: Book 1)
by Colleen Shannon

Love Spell
September 1, 1999
ISBN #050552340X
EAN #9780505523402
400 pages
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