"A gripping well told tale with lots of heart and plenty of heat. A real pleasure to read."

Aiden has moved into a new neighborhood and the children next door already have him pegged as a blood-sucking boogey- man who comes out at night. A charge he doesn't even bother to deny. His new favorite pastime is watching the neighbors. Just watching. He can't help noticing though, that the mom next door is very hot. Totally wrong for him of course. He is a 300 year old bachelor with a dangerous job who doesn't do domestic. What does he know about kids, and he's never even had a real relationship. Anything more than watching is out of the question.

Amy is the hot mom in question. She thinks Aiden is sexy in a very drool-worthy way but she has no time for a man. Her snake of an ex-husband left her alone to support their three children and she has no time for another male-made mistake, even one as mind numbingly attractive as Aiden. After all, life is coming at her fast and furious every day and she's barely keeping her little family afloat as it is. Between Amy's almost overwhelming responsibilities and Aiden's monster hunting a little thing like avoiding each other should be easy, right?

I thoroughly enjoyed this Urban Fantasy. This is a gripping tale with engaging characters and real life dialog. The heat and attraction between Aiden and Amy is intense but does not eclipse the rest of the story. The children will charm you and Amy will impress you with her determination and love for her children. At first I wanted to smack Aiden on the back of the head because of his love 'em and leave 'em attitude with women. However, he soon discovers that he has real affection for the little family next door and he wants very badly to protect them. His heart is not as safe as he thought. Ms. Cullen tells a fine tale. I highly recommend Night Song and I look forward to new books by this author.

Reviewed by Abbie Perez
Posted November 13, 2007


Heís a centuries old vampire who doesnít do domestication. Sheís a single mother struggling to survive. Evil brings them together, but will their love be enough to keep them alive?

He doesnít have time for a fling, doesnít know anything about kids, and certainly doesnít do domestication.

Aiden Reed is a member of the elite Rogue Hunters, a band of vampires who hunt down and eliminate those of their kind who cross the line and kill indiscriminately. Itís his job to keep the innocents safe and heís proud of what he does. Yet once he sees his sexy next door neighbor, he canít keep his mind, or his hands, off her.

Sheís been overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed since her husband left her for another woman.

Itís all Amy Carmichael can do to make her mortgage payments and put food on the table for her three children. She definitely doesnít want another relationship, not when her last one was such a miserable mistake. So why do her thoughts keep straying to her new neighbor whose voice reminds her of melted butter rolling over hot pancakes?

Theyíre definitely not suited, but that doesnít stop them from wanting each other. And when Aidenís dangerous life spills over into Amyís, threatening her son, Aiden will do anything to keep the family he didnít want, but now loves, safe.

Warning: Explicit sex and some violence.

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Night Song
by Sharon Cullen

Samhain Publishing
November 1, 2007
Available: November 13, 2007
ISBN #1599986884
EAN #9781599986883
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