"Love and Laughter for Time Traveling Lady Viking and Navy SEAL Commander!"

2005 A.D.: Operation Rodent finds Navy SEAL Lieutenant Ian MacLean and his team parachuting into Northern Iraq to take out the "big rat" tango Jamal ben Hassan. The insertion had gone smoothly. No reason to expect complications until Ian discovered a woman in a cave who he is convinced is the terrorist leader's lover, Yasmine. Ian is 34, single and content with his status having recently ended an engagement, due to his fiance's cheating. Never in a million years had he expected himself to be turned on by his filthy, smelly, shrew of a hostage.

1013 A.D.: One by one Madrene Olgadottir's family members had vanished leaving her alone to defend Norstead. She was a fighter to the bone but had been no match for Steinolf the Vicious. After she'd refused to wed with him, knowing that to do so would bring her men out of hiding and ultimate end in their deaths, Steinolf had beaten the proud woman and had paraded her bound and naked through the keep. But even this rude treatment had not cowed her. She had wed once, and never would again. Defeated, Steinolf had sold her to a harem as a concubine. Over the next three years she'd been sold repeatedly, but thanks to her cunning she'd never been raped. Over time she'd perfected a ritual guaranteed to shrivel a man's "dangly parts". That's what she'd told the Troll who had discovered her in the cave she'd hidden in to regroup after escaping from the latest harem. Her only goal is to return home to Norstead to avenge herself on Steinolf. If agreeing to be the woman these barmy seals are looking for will get her as far as Baghdad then she would gladly pretend to be Yasmine.

Ian is pretty sure they've made a big mistake once the woman is cleaned up. There's something familiar about her, like they've met before. This is confirmed when the real Yasmine is sighted elsewhere. However the big brass has plans to smoke out the terrorist cell by using their captive as bait and they want the confrontation to take place on home territory. The most expedient way to get Madrene to the U.S. is for her to marry a U.S. citizen. Given no choice, Ian bites the bullet knowing that the marriage can be easily annulled later.

NOT! He hadn't counted on the strength of their mutual attraction. He finds Maddie irresistible and her ritual has absolutely no effect on his member, not that she really wants it to. But adjusting to this new world is going to take some doing, could it be true that she's time traveled more than a thousand years into the future? If not, can she convince Ian to help her raise an army to take back Norstead? Or will he take just her to a doctor and have her head shrunken? One thing for sure, she is totally head over hills in love with the Troll and the feeling is definitely mutual.

If you've read the previous four titles in the series, you probably know it's only a matter of time before the family shrew meets up with her long lost Magnusson kin. It's sure to give poor Ian a headache especially when he realizes that his own sister has been keeping the huge family secret. But never fear as with all of Ms. Hill's Viking tales, love and laughter is guaranteed. Another hot and hilarious keeper.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 13, 2007




That's the goal as Lieutenant Ian MacLean prepares for his special ops mission in Northern Iraq, and he sees no reason the insertion should not go down as planned.

He leads a team of highly trained Navy SEALs, the toughest, buffest fighting men in the world. As a 34-year-old bachelor, he has nothing to lose and the adrenaline high of a HALO jump singing in his blood.

He has the brains, guts, and brawn to out-maneuver, out- gun and just plain run circles around the enemy.


Madrene Olgadottir comes from a time a thousand years before Ian was born, and she has no idea she's landed in the future.

After bopping him on the head and tying him up, she gives him a tongue lashing that makes a drill sergeant sound like a kindergarten teacher. Then she lets him know she has her own special way of dealing with over-confident males. Hoo-yah, it looks like Operation Rodent is about to get...


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Hot and Heavy
(Viking Series II: Book 5)
by Sandra Hill

June 1, 2005
Available: June 21, 2005
ISBN #0843951605
EAN #9780843951608
358 pages
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