"a unique story"

Ashton Claymore had no clue why his luck had him stuck on a riverboat for the last one hundred and forty years. He also had no idea why on the anniversary of his murder many years before that he is able to appear in his own body. The so called boat that Ashton is stuck on is restored and used for the libertine party where Lauren appears. Ashton has no idea why he is so drawn to Lauren; she was beautiful with her red hair and makes him have feelings he thought long gone. Lauren is excited to be on the decadent Halloween cruise and then the dashing Ashton comes to her rescue and the night just gets better for Lauren. She is drawn to his kindness, his Southern charm and to her it is very shocking with all the other men she has come across the way Ashton has such great manners. He is her dream man come to life, could he be for real? Will Ashton be stuck on this boat for years to come, or could Lauren be his dream woman that will be with him for the rest of his years?

This was a unique story by Eileen Brennan. It drew me to want to know more about Ashton, what had happened to him, why he was made to stay on this boat for so many years. Why on the anniversary of his death is able to inhabit his corporeal body. How bringing Lauren into his life allowed him to enjoy his one night. I just had to see how she was going to bring this wonderful book to an end. I thought she did a fantastic job. I look forward to seeing what other stories Eileen Brennan has in store for readers.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 12, 2007


A decadent Halloween cruise and a rescue by a dashing stranger have Lauren tingling from head to toe. With his Southern charm and genteel manners, Ashton Claymore is a dream come true.

But things aren't so simple. Ashton has no idea why he's been stuck on a riverboat for one hundred and forty years, or why each year on the anniversary of his murder he returns to his corporeal body. This year the newly restored boat is the scene of a libertine party, and he is inexplicably drawn to a red-headed saloon girl who is sure to make this All Hallow's Eve a night to remember.

Reader Advisory: This story contains violence that some women may find distasteful.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Quickie / Paranormal / Halloween
Book Length: Quickie

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Gamble of a Lifetime
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Ellora's Cave
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