"the second book in the Cursed Hearts series"

This is a continuation of the previous novel, Hearts Eternal. Jessie loves Jareth. Jareth is obsessed with Jessie's sister, Cassandra. Jareth made a deal with the witch, Morana, to kill his brother, Laith, for the love of Lady Cassandra Belstowe. Cassandra, reincarinated as Cassie, kills Jareth to save her shelmir (soul mate) Laith. Jessie saves Jareth from this final death and sucks him back in time to the day Cassie and his brother were killed by Morana (1600's), giving him a chance to do things differently and change his dismal future. Jareth is irresistibly drawn to Jessica but he also resents her for binding him as her shelmir even if it was for his own good. Can he forgive her? Can he choose a new life or will he fall victim to the double-crossing Morana yet again?

The book starts out somewhat slow for such a complicated if predictable plot. It is apparent right away that Jareth will be angry with Jessie for binding him as her shelmir; Jessie will doubt his love because of the forced link, and Morana is going to try to force Jareth to her side by any means necessary. Further, Jessie and Jareth are so attracted to each other they can't keep their hands (and other body parts) off each other. A more positive feature of the book is the growth of the main characters throughout the book. They develop into people who begin to have insight into how their actions affect those they love and find that it might not be too late to change after all.

Reviewed by Abbie Perez
Posted November 11, 2007


Their bond brought him back for a second chance at lifeóand love.

Book 2 of Cursed Hearts

Jareth Moreland has waited centuries for his lover to be reincarnated, but his reward isnít the reunion he expected Ė itís murder. He awakes to find his soul has been pulled back centuries into the past, to the very day in 1657 both his lover and his brother died and, in his grief, he became a vampire. Fate, it would seem, has given him a second chance at life.

Fate comes at the hands of Jessica Belstowe, who has always loved him from afar, and whose magic saved him from death at the hands of her own sister hundreds of years in the future. But Jareth seems less than pleased that she has bonded him as her soulmate ó her shelmir ó in order to protect him from the evil witch Morana. She wonders if she has risked her fragile heart only to have it broken.

A bond with Jessica is not what Jareth would have chosen, but its power will not be denied. He is drawn to her, wants her more than heís ever wanted any other woman.

And when Morana vows to crush that bond and kill Jessica, he will risk the fires of hell to save her.

Warnings: This book is the second in a series and cannot stand alone. The author recommends reading HEARTS ETERNAL before HEARTS UNBOUND.

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Hearts Unbound
(Cursed Hearts: Book 2)
by Rebecca Goings

Samhain Publishing
November 1, 2007
Available: November 7, 2007
ISBN #1599986809
EAN #9781599986807
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