"A Little Boy and a Time Traveling Woman Warrior bring Love and Laughter to a lonely SEAL"

In ROUGH AND READY former Medieval Viking now Navy Seal Torolf Magnusson traveled back to eleventh century Norway to aid Hilda Berdottir and the abused women of the Sanctuary end the tyrannical reign of Steinolf. One minute Torolf and his SEAL buddies (born in the 20th Century) were sitting in a longship replica in the middle of a fjord and the next they had traveled back in time.

However, once the battle had been won and they had returned home, Torolf's modern counterparts all had trouble wrapping their minds around the "time travel' concept and nobody had spoken about it since. Still Zachary "Pretty Boy" Floyd had fond memories of a big, blond and beautiful warrior by the name of Britta. Pretty Boy had no trouble getting women. They had a tendency to throw themselves at him. No, he hadn't been a monk since his return to the present but he couldn't help wondering from time to time, what if? His story is DOWN AND DIRTY.

Not that Zach had much time to wonder about much these days. He'd landed himself in a heap of trouble, make that responsibility. Frenzied sex in the heat of battle on a mission in Afghanistan over five years ago had resulted in a son Zach had recently discovered. The child's mother had been killed fighting against the Al-Qaeda and her own father, a powerful and brutal leader who as a result gained custody of little Samir. While on a mission Zach had recovered "Sammy" and had returned with him to the U.S. The "kidnapping" had become a diplomatic nightmare, and Zach's punishment had been assignment to the Navy's latest experimental program, WEALS, a female version of the SEALS. Yes he definitely needed a woman ... to babysit Sammy the snot. Oh he loved his son, but what a handful!

Britta the Big, had lost interest in warfare following the departure of her friend Hilda and the time traveling SEALs. It had been thought that they'd all perished in a mudslide. But when Britta left the walls of the Sanctuary she had become once more at the mercy of her whoring father and brothers who had it in their minds to marry her off to some loathsome lout for their financial benefit. It was thus that Britta found herself behind the walls of a nunnery. But even there she was not safe for her kinsmen had no qualms about picking off anyone who stepped beyond the shelter of those walls. Already a sister or two had gone missing. And so to ensure their safety and her own, Britta had hatched a plan to fake her own death.

The best laid plans of mice and men (and women) often go awry at the most inconvenient times. One minute Britta is planting evidence of her death beneath a cliff in eleventh century Norway and the next she is hanging from a net and on a Naval installation in 21st century Coronado, California. She'd escaped torture by her father to face a new kind of torture as one of the new WEALs recruits. If that's not enough, the loathsome lout Zachary is one of her torturers! Pretty Boy needs a woman alright and it better NOT be just to babysit his pint sized brat. Britta is on the warpath and she wants to experience multiple orgy-as-hims A.S.A.P.!

Of course good old grandfather Arsallah is not about to let them all live happily ever after without complications. As a Pitt alumna I truly had to smile at the terrorist's grand diversion tactic (evil grin). Yes, that's a teaser. You'll just have to read the book to figure that one out!

What I loved most about this story is that with all capable, well trained fighting men available to save the day, it is Britta and little Sammy drawing on their courage and wits who are the true heroes of this tale. Naturally Down and Dirty is rife with Sandra's signature humor and toe curling sexy scenes. For love and laughter, I highly recommend that you read DOWN AND DIRTY.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 11, 2007


Navy SEAL Zachary Floyd is so pretty he's been dubbed "Pretty Boy."

Britta Asadottir is so big she's been dubbed Britta the Big.

Sammy Floyd is so bad he's been dubbed Sammy the Snot.

All Zach wants is a little love from the woman he's obsessed with, and maybe someone to help him care for the five-year-old, half-Arab son he never knew he had.

All Britta wants is to join the WEALS, a female version of Navy SEALs, and perhaps experience a couple of those so-called orgy-as-hims.

You'll laugh out loud as Pretty Boy gets his comeupance and wish you had a Navy SEAL of your own.

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Down and Dirty
(Viking Series II: Book 7)
by Sandra Hill

Penguin USA (Berkley Sensation)
November 1, 2007
Available: November 6, 2007
ISBN #0425217930
EAN #9780425217931
336 pages
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