"beautifully written, full of heat"

Jonathan Goldman couldn't remember a time that he didn't think of being dominate, dreaming of it, dreaming of enslaving another, controlling what they feel, how much they will feel, being at his mercy because he knew what was best. But all these feelings and dreams make him feel ashamed. Being a liberated man who adores woman, having these thoughts make him feel extreme shame for what he wants, needs. But all of that changes when he meets Laurel Jordan, a free spirit who grabs onto life with both arms, she embraces being the sexual submissive she is. Heat just explodes between the two of them from the first look, first touch. In meeting Laurel Jonathan he is made to come to terms with his dominate sexual needs, wants. Laurel like Jonathan has some hidden secrets also. She is ready to live, to feel alive in the hands of the right person, but she has never given her all, because doing that could give someone the power to break her heart. So she has never allowed a man to see the real her, the hidden woman who fears being hurt. All they see is the woman who seems to be a carefree, but that is just a way to shield her heart from anyone. But that isn't enough any more. So when Jonathan comes into her life everything changes. He is the first man that has ever gotten so close to her heart, but in doing that he has a lot of power. There is a time in life that you must take a chance, is this the time for Laurel? As they go from just casual BDSM play into a more serious Master/sub relationship Jonathan and Laurel must decide if what they have is only game playing or if it is the real deal, that they are the ones for each other, true soul mates.

Claire Thompson has a gift for writing BDSM stories. She brings alive the characters in the books she writes like no other. The way she wrote Jonathan as a dominate but being ashamed of his feelings because of what the world called sick, that if you wanted to be a dominate you were one that wanted to abuse woman, take control, not how he felt and needed. Then you have Laurel who is a submissive, but one that doesn't let anyone near her heart, until Jonathan. This story was a buildup of two people that found in each other what the other was missing, that they fulfilled the need and want of each other like no other. No matter what Claire writes the stories are beautiful, fulfilling, and full of heat, love that just makes some of us dream of having something even half as good as her characters.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 10, 2007


Jonathan Goldman's sexual fantasies are colored with dominant dreams of enslavement and control. As a liberated man who admires and adores women, his fantasies leave him feeling ashamed.

Laurel Jordan is a free spirit. She joyfully embraces her sexually submissive nature, understanding the road to true liberation lies not in upholding society's rigid mores and expectations but in being true to oneself. Yet Laurel has a secret too. Though ready for adventure, she keeps her heart carefully concealed. No man has ever penetrated the carefree, casual attitude she wears around herself like a shield.

When this unlikely pair meets, the sparks fly. Jonathan is forced to confront and come to terms with his dominant sexual impulses. Laurel finds her careful fašade being cracked by the only man ever to get close enough to break her heart. As Jonathan and Laurel move from casual BDSM play to a more serious D/s relationship, each is forced to decide if this is merely a game or a way of life and ultimately, of love.

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Dare to Dominate
by Claire Thompson

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2007
Available: September 1, 2007
ISBN #1419910582
EAN #9781419910586
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