"A very intriguing story that shows everyone has a soul mate"

Lily Tan gives men erotic pleasure so that she can take what she needs, their life force. In the many years since she was made there is only one thing that Lily has never ever given, and that is her heart. Lily is a Tigress, which means she is an immortal practitioner of the erotic arts. Then the day comes when her life changes forever. Lily wins a very intriguing, mysterious handsome Tibetan in a poker game. From that moment on Lily starts to lose the wall she has built around her heart to this man. The way he is so willing to submit to her, in doing this Tenzin is given the gift of being "The One" that could tame the wildness in the Tigress. Tenzin has his own secrets; he was attacked by a demon and made into a vampire. The need for blood is becoming too strong and Tenzin knows he must find someone that can help him, teach him, and that teacher seems to be Lily. But can he share his hidden secret with her? As Lily starts to teach Tenzin the ways of the erotic arts, Tenzin starts to break away the wall Lily had built around her heart so many years ago. He makes her feel things she thought were long dead in her. But as she starts to give in and trust this man an event shows Tenzin for what he is, a vampire, part of the people who had enslaved and hurt her years ago. So of course the first thing that Lily wants to do is push him away, but she finds she just can't, he has already found his way into her heart. Then on top of this a vampire is out to kill everyone Lily has ever loved. She must ask Tenzin to help her, she must trust in him. Will Tenzin be able to show the woman he loves that he is that man, that he will fight to the death to help and save the ones she loves?

Sedonia Guillone did it again; this author can do no wrong in my eyes. The way that Sedonia wrote Lily as a woman down on her luck, but shows her as the strong woman she is. Lily has always kept her heart protected, but all of that changed the day she comes face to face with Tenzin. All those days are in the past; this man can break through the wall around her heart. I have always loved the way Sedonia's characters come alive. I can't wait for the next story to see what new world and characters she writes next.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 10, 2007


Lily Tan is a Tigress, an immortal practitioner of the erotic arts. She gives men erotic pleasure in return for their life force, but gives her heart to no man. When she wins a mysterious and handsome Tibetan wanderer in an underground poker game, Lily's control over her heart and body begin to slip. His willingness to submit to Lily despite his potent maleness prove a combination that may tame even the wildest Tigress.

Ex-monk Tenzin Gayatsu has a secret: he was attacked by a demon and made a vampire. A living vampire. The raging desires for blood and flesh send him looking for a teacher, one who can teach him to make desire his ally. He finds that teacher in Lily, but cannot reveal his secret shame.

While Lily teaches Tenzin her erotic arts, Tenzin's compassionate gaze and skilled hands ease away the wall she's built around her heart. Yet just as she's beginning to trust him, a tragic event reveals that Tenzin is a vampire, a member of the race that once enslaved and tortured her.

Lily wants to push him away but she cannot. Another vampire is out to kill everyone Lily loves and she needs Tenzin's help. She must trust him and pray he is the man he claims to be. She must hope he will truly be her ace in the hole.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male interaction, violence, voyeurism.

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Ace in the Hole
by Sedonia Guillone

Loose Id
September 1, 2007
Available: September 1, 2007
ISBN #159632502X
EAN #9781596325029
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