"A story that will grab you from the first page"

Elrisa has always wanted, dreamed of being the first female Dragon Caller of the Order of Wing and Tongue. What woman wouldn't want to be? So when she is given the chance when one of the members of the Order wants to marry her, gets her the chance to have her dream come true. But in making it to the wedding she must go through many tests. Test the attraction, to see if they are compatible with the groom. And in finding this out she must have shared sexual encounters with three members of the brotherhood. One of those three men being the one that asked for her in the first place. But the hard thing is she has no idea which of the three men was the one that asked for her, that wants to marry her. If she is drawn to anyone of them that isn't he one man that had asked for her hand in marriage, then the wedding is off. So will Elrisa be able to choose the man that wants her, to see that Belkyr is that man?

When Dragon Caller Belkyr decides he wants Elrisa as his wife, it sets in motion the ritual of finding two other Dragon Callers. Elrisa must share sexual encounters with all three of the men to see if she is meant to be with him, and if she chooses another of the men, then the marriage to the woman he chose is off. They must know that she wants him, that she doesn't just want to be married to one of the brotherhood for the money, that she feels love and attraction to her intended, that she won't want other lovers. The other two Dragon Callers are Treu and Kdar. All three of them must spend an intimate time with Elrisa so that in the end she must chose who makes her feel alive, feel he is the only one for her, the one that sets her body on fire. If she chooses the right one, Belkyr, then they will follow through with their marriage, but if not then Elrisa must then as to marry the man she had fallen for, but Elrisa is not aware of this clause. Will Elrisa pick Belkyr, her true courter? Or will all that Belkyr hoped for with this woman be lost to one of the other men?

This was an interesting story. K.Z. Snow wrote a different but powerful story of a breed of Dragon Callers. The traditions they share, the way the Dragon Callers choose their mates, what the mates must go through to choose the correct mate was fascinating. This story kept me intrigued until the last page. K.Z. Snow writes a story that isn't like all the others that have been made over an over, so to me that is what intrigued me. I never would have expected to love this book as much as I did, but the author drew me in from the first page with her colorful world of Dragon Callers. I look forward to reading more by K.Z. Snow.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 10, 2007


Elrisa hungers to be the first female Dragon Caller in the Order of Wing and Tongue. When a member of the Order wants to marry her, it seems the perfect opportunity to realize her dream.

But getting to the wedding won't be easy. To test the level of attraction and compatibility between would-be bride and groom, Elrisa must have sexual encounters with three members of the brotherhood, one of whom will be the man who chose her. Problem is, she doesn't know who chose her. If she's drawn to any Caller other than he, the marriage is off.

Even if she deduces her suitor's identity, what if she truly wants one of the other two men? Should she follow her ambition…or her heart?

Reader Advisory: Contains a scene of m/m sex.

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Wing and Tongue
by K. Z. Snow

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2007
Available: September 7, 2007
ISBN #141991233X
EAN #9781419912337
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