"One of the Steamiest BDSM stories by Reese Gabriel"

Jilly has all that she could have ever dreamed of, a husband she is madly in love with, Jake. But with how happy her life has become she can't help but feel sorry for her ex-fiance Doug. The thing that hadn't worked for her and Doug was that he was so totally different than Jake. Doug had been reserved, quiet and one of the calmest men that she had ever meet. But unknown to Jilly is that underneath it all Doug wants to experiment with BDSM, to see what had taken Jilly from him. So Jake tells her that he has the perfect idea for Doug. He wants to set him up with Helaine. Helaine is a strong willed woman that has been hurt badly in the past; this caused her to not be able to trust. Helaine works at the Honky-Tonk bar and is also Jake's best friend. Doug comes to see how hurt Helaine has been hurt in her past, and can see why she is so hesitant to trust someone. But Doug is falling for Helaine and wants to show her that he is not like all those other guys because he is the one for her. The one that will take her in hand, and show and share the BDSM fantasies that Doug wants to fulfill with her? Doug wants to set her free, to trust in him, to show her that he will not hurt her but love her. Will he be given the chance to show Helaine how it can be?

Oh Wow! This was a great follow up to one of the best BDSM books I have read, Roping His Filly. Reese Gabriel has a strong gift for writing BDSM. The first time I read one of her books it opened my eyes, made me see what I had kept hidden inside. Reading her books allowed me to learn, to question what I wanted, needed. This story hit close to home. Helaine had been hurt in the past and had a hard time trusting in men. All it took was for a man like Doug to open Helaine's eyes to see that all the other men were not the men for her. That the day would come to where she would get the man that could take her in hand, show her all the hidden passions, free all the pain and set her flying. And that man is Doug. I can't say enough about this story.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 10, 2007


This book is the sequel to Roping His Filly.

Having lost his fiancée to Jake, Doug is reluctant to trust him but agrees to a blind date he has arranged. It is lust at first sight when Doug and Helaine meet.

She secretly desires a dominant man to take control in bed and teach her the pleasures of sexual submission. They end up in some hot and heavy bondage and Doug is ready to go to the next level, but Helaine has been burned before and fears turning over too much power to any man. Doug knows she needs just the right mixture of gentleness and domination. Helaine is the perfect filly, but Doug will have to find the cowboy spirit to rope her.

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A Filly for Doug
by Reese Gabriel

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2007
Available: September 1, 2007
ISBN #1419911805
EAN #9781419911804
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