"intrigue and suspense in this sequel to Master of Obsidian"

Gideon Keel and Jesse Madding are back again. Still working hard on gruesome cases where someone like Gideon is good to have. When Gideon and Jesse are called onto a new case they are beyond shocked when they step foot on the scene. The gruesomeness of the torture and mutilation of the victims is shocking and cruel. The victim was made into a piece of art, a living work of art that no painting could ever capture. Gideon and Jesse can't seem to get the scene out of their heads so decide to go to Club Sangre to help them relax. While trying to unwind the two men come across an empath at the club who has been taken and is now being sold at a so called auction. Gideon and Jesse can't just sit back and let this happen, so the two of them do what they have to do to save her. The empath they saved, Emma Coolidge, is not sure what to think when Gideon and Jesse save her from the auction. But even with them taking her out of that situation she must turn right around and walk back into the pure evils to try to find her missing sister.

Gideon and Jesse are not sure why but they are drawn to Emma, to her beauty inside and out; she's unlike anything or anyone they have meet before. Gideon and Jesse want to do what they can to help Emma in finding her sister. In helping Emma out Gideon must use Jesse as bait to try to catch a kidnapper, killer. Can Gideon allow this to happen to the man he loves, put him in danger? Emma is drawn to the two men. The things they make her feel, they make her feel alive. Emma brings the missing part, she makes them feel whole. Can the three of them teaming up be enough to catch the sick killer that turns live people into their personal art, Living Art? In doing this, can they find Emma's missing sister?

Wow, I just loved this sequel to Master of Obsidian. I wasn't sure if Jamie Craig could top the first book in my eyes, but boy did they change my mind. The way they brought Emma into the story and the men's hearts and bed was done so beautifully that it just seemed right. This story had intrigue and suspense that will have you biting your nails until you know if the three of them succeed in capturing the sick killer. I know that I want to read the next in this wonderful series and hope I get the chance.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 9, 2007


Gideon Keel and Jesse Madding have seen dozens of gruesome crime scenes over the years, but nothing compares to the grisly discovery they make in a small apartment above a sporting goods store. The body has clearly been put on display, and clues in the apartment indicate that while she was dying, party guests were enjoying rich caviar and expensive champagne. The two men are mystified.

They receive help from an unexpected source—a young woman they rescue from an auction at the vampire club, Sangre. Emma Coolidge is determined to save her sister from the same monsters Gideon and Jesse are hunting. While both men are utterly fascinated by her beauty, her intelligence, and her rare talent as an empath, they value her for her friendship. The three plan a sting operation to infiltrate the small group of “art connoisseurs” by sadistically turning Jesse into a living work of art, but will it be enough to save the city from more vicious murders in the name of beauty?

Advisory: This book contains graphic violence, hardcore bondage and punishment, torture and blood play. May not be suitable for the more sensitive reader.

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(The Master Chronicles: Book 2)
by Jamie Craig

Amber Quill Press
November 1, 2007
Available: November 1, 2007
ISBN #1602720916
EAN #9781602720916
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