"Book 2 in the Nauti series is a fantastic read"

Crista has been running eight years from the man she loves.

Crista had wanted Dawg Mackay for so long. Then the night came when Dawg's parents were killed in an accident and after their service Dawg had gotten good and drunk. Crista saw him back to his boat and had the most erotic night she could have ever dreamed of. But when Dawg said she would love the next time when he shared her with his two cousins, Crista knew she had to run and run fast. She was a one man woman; she loved Dawg but wouldn't allow that. How could he want to share her? Crista was torn apart. When a couple of friends of her brother's came through town and offered her a place to live out of town, she grabbed it. Now eight years later she is back in the town she grew up in. Every where she looks, Dawg is there. She still loves him but she can't get out of her mind him saying he wanted to share her. And what also works for Crista is that Dawg was so drunk he just thinks what he remembers was one hot dream.

Dawg has always wanted Crista. But what Crista didn't know is that Dawg never really could have shared her. She brought out the dominate in him; he would kill another man that would dare touch what is his. But Crista running from him is cut short when she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dawg and his cousin Natches are on an undercover op trying to catch a weapons dealer in the act. Crista is just going to the building to pick up a box of her things. But unknown to Crista is that she is being set up to mess with Dawg some how. Dawg uses this situation to his best. He blackmails Crista back into his bed. What can Crista do, she is in between a rock and a hard place, so agrees through gritted teeth. As time goes on Dawg starts to see that Crista has been used to throw him off of something. Now Dawg just has to find what that was and fast. Crista knows she is losing her heart again to Dawg, but she is tired of fighting it when Dawg is using everything against her. Can Dawg get Crista to see that he never really wanted to share her; she is his and his alone? Will Dawg and Natches find out who is willing to use Crista against him, and why?

Wow, Lora Leigh wrote one great story with these cousins. I loved the way she made these two men so dominate, not willing in the end when they find their true loves to share them. Even with each other like they had in their youth. To me that made the story so fantastic. I fell in love with Dawg when I read the first book in the series. No matter what Lora Leigh writes the characters and storyline explode off the pages to where you just can't stop until you have read the last word. Then you are panting for the next book in the series, I know I sure am.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 5, 2007


Second in a hot and naughty trilogy from the author of Nauti Boy.

James “Dawg” Mackey has lusted after sweet Crista Jansen for years. Just as many as she’s spent running

from him—and from that dangerous attraction that shot like a spark through her whole body. But now for Crista, running isn’t an option anymore because Dawg’s got a plan. It’s kind of low-down. And kind of hot.

Blackmail is a dirty word, but Dawg will use it if that’s what it takes to get Crista where he wants her. His hungers are too hard and fierce not to. He doesn’t realize that Crista has a longing too. She’s knows what he’s up to, what he’s capable of. He didn’t get that nickname for nothing. And before the night is through, Crista’s making him work for it.

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Nauti Nights
(Nauti Trilogy: Book 2)
by Lora Leigh

Berkley Pub Group
November 1, 2007
Available: November 1, 2007
ISBN #042521740X
EAN #9780425217405
352 pages
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