"An Exciting New Thrill Ride on the Futuristic world of Harmony"

Celinda Ingram has secrets. Few know the full extent of her unusually powerful psi abilities or the reason the professional matchmaker had left Frequency, her family, and her business behind four months ago under a cloud of scandal. Fortunately Celinda's reputation as a leading authority on Covenant Marriages (she wrote the book) landed her a job with the exclusive Promises, Inc. in Cadence City. Now all she wants to do is keep a low profile and do what she did best, match the psychic profiles of her high profile clients to those best suited for a happy permanent commitment and avoid any association with the Guilds which she likens to organized crime.

Unfortunately the latter becomes impossible when Celinda's dust bunny Araminta persuades her to purchase what she believes to be a cheap toy from a local antique shop. In fact her five dollar purchase happens to be an extremely rare and powerful relic left over from the previous alien civilization and had recently been stolen from the Cadence Guild. The Guild boss wants it back and has employed Davis Oakes of Oakes security, to recover the item.

Oakes has rare abilities as well. Davis has secrets too. Born into a long line of Ghost Hunters, he is a hunter by nature. However his personal talent is much more unique having the ability to pull silver ghost light from a different part of the spectrum than the others. Unfortunately his talents can rarely be used without severe consequences to his health and in dream state can have interesting side affects as well.

Surprisingly his psi also resonates very strongly with Celinda's causing her to tag him "Mr. Perfect" and although she has no respect for Guild business and he's been recently burned by another professional Covenant matchmaker, they are instantly intrigued with each other. Each would have no doubt gone their own way if Araminta has not had strong objections to her toy being given to the detective. When the dust bunny makes off with the relic, Davis has no choice but to keep Celinda close and asks her out to dinner. She accepts but from there things get complicated.

When the pair is almost taken out following their dinner meeting and return to Celinda's ransacked apartment, it soon becomes obvious that someone else knows about the relic and will stop at nothing to possess it. Elsewhere a unethical parapsychologist has the relic's twin and is fully aware of its potential for mind control when used by one with his own unique psi abilities.

Celinda is expected back in Frequency over the weekend due to her sister's wedding. Davis believes she needs a bodyguard and proposes himself -- as her date for the affair. This poses additional problems, explaining why a Covenant matchmaker would bring a man of such short acquaintance to a family affair and returning to the scene of her unsavory experience with the unbalanced Guild member she'd refused to take as a client. (The true reason she left town).

Naturally they wind up on the run and in life threatening positions in which only their own rare talents and strong emotional attachment to each other will save the day. This adventure was a complete thrill ride. Although Silver Master is the 4th title in Ms. Castle's Ghost Hunter series it is the first I have read. It won't be the last. I felt the story stood well on its own, with the preface explaining the major premise of Harmony. However from reading other reviews I realize that many of the secondary characters that appear briefly in Silver Master have appeared previously. I will certainly be acquiring the series backlist as soon as possible. An excellent futuristic read that I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 4, 2007



Silver Master is the latest novel in Jayne Castle's futuristic Ghost Hunter series (After Dark, After Glow, Ghost Hunter). It is romantic-suspense with a strong paranormal twist set on the planet Harmony. Professional matchmaker Celinda Ingram is a psychically gifted woman with a problem. She is in desperate need of a bodyguard who can double as a date for her sister's wedding. Davis Oakes, a member of the mysterious Ghost Hunter's Guild, is a security expert with a most unusual paranormal talent. But Davis doesn't trust matchmakers and Celinda doesn't trust anyone connected to the Guild. Sparks fly immediately. Danger is closing in fast, however, and this pair has no choice but to work together to survive.


Silver Master
(Harmony: Book 4)
by Jayne Castle

September 1, 2007
Available: August 28, 2007
ISBN #0515143553
EAN #9780515143553
320 pages
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