"Continuing adventures the royal family of planet Oasis"

In this continuation of the Star series, Circe witches continue to plot against the royal family of planet Oasis. Sovereigns Shaun and Lily [STARGAZER] have kept the birth of their twin children a secret. Alexander and Arielle have been raised in a secluded world, one the teens view as a luxurious prison. On the day of their 18th birthday celebration, Zander's frustration explodes in an argument with his parents and his running away to the Senate and the hands of the Circe witches.

Boone [Tess' child in SHOOTING STAR] returns for the twin's birthday and finds his ship 'borrowed' by Zander. He and Elle fly after her brother, but are too late to save him from the Circe witches. All their lives change that day... Zander is believed dead and Boone, the only man she'd ever loved is believed killed trying to rescue him. Elle considers the only path she has is to learn to use her psi-powers and move into a position of strength. Now only time will tell what her years of planning have put into motion.

STAR SHADOWS is a futuristic adventure with a strong romance sub-plot. Author Colby Hodge has a writing style that even though you can guess where the story is going, you enjoy reading her tale and meeting the characters. It was good to renew acquaintances from previous books. Both Boone and Zander are faced with soul-destroying choices and Elle grows from a spoiled girl into a powerful warrior princess.

STAR SHADOWS ends with a HEA for Boone and Elle, but the final battle with the Circe witches is yet to come.

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted October 29, 2007


He was the only man she’d ever loved. The one who’d roused her innocent girlhood passions . . . the one she held responsible for her brother’s death. So when Boone’s starship was shot down over a faraway planet, Elle resolved to forget him, to devote herself to her duty as the future ruler of Oasis. She focused her formidable mind on honing her powers, until the day she witnessed a pair of sweat-sleek, breathtaking gladiators facing each other down in the vicious fight-to-the-death of the Murlacca. Here were the two men she’d thought lost to her forever, and one last chance to save them. It was up to Elle to outwit the Circe witches who held Boone and Zander prisoner, so she could claim a love that had once seemed as elusive as . . .



Star Shadows
(Star Series: Book 3)
by Colby Hodge

Love Spell
November 1, 2007
Available: October 30, 2007
ISBN #0505526298
EAN #9780505526298
368 pages
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