"Another strong, well written Paranormal Romance from "The Angelini series."

Mystic Renaldi thought she would never measure up to fellow Renaldi Angelinis. She wasn't born like the other Renaldi Angelinis, she couldn't do what was required of a hunter. So what good would she be? She could do the things that would bring fun to a party, but that isn't what she wants for herself. Mystic doesn't believe that she isn't good enough to fulfill her family's destiny. So Mystic decides to slip away from the Howl to go to Las Vegas to live an adventure. Unknown to Mystic that going on this quest is really what was in the future of her Angelini destiny. So now she is on her way to find her first hunt. Along with her first hunt is three alpha males who are hell bent on showing her she is an equal of any fellow Renaldi female.

To Rowan Mystic was the mate he had only dreamed of. She is the one that will give the gryphon what it needed; that he had been before he became a vampire. For Hawk, having her as a mate will give him the much needed acceptance of a pack of his own. Now for Christian, who is a lone wolf, she is the mate he had thought he would only dream of but never have. Once all four of them become one it becomes much, much more than any one of them ever thought was possible. The three men make Mystic see how special she is, how gifted she is and never saw herself. And she gives the men everything they could possibly have ever thought possible. Once you take an Angelini to mate all is claimed, heart, mind, body and soul.

No matter what Jory Strong writes her stories come alive. I have loved each and every one of the books in her The Angelini series. Who would turn down three mates, three so different mates, not Mystic. Roman, Hawk and Christian fulfill all that Mystic needs and wants. Mystic had always felt she wasn't as good as her fellow "Renaldi Angelini". She had always felt she fell short. But Mystic escapes to Las Vegas for an adventure and deserves so much more, her Mates. This story made my emotions go all over the place and to me that shows what a great writer Jory Strong is.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted October 27, 2007


Mystic Renaldi might have been born to guard the border between the human supernatural worlds, but in her mind she will never measure up to the other Renaldi Angelini. She can dance, mix drinks, play hostess, manage the music and even sing along with a band, all the things necessary for a good party but not what's required of a hunter.

When she slips away from the Howl for an adventure in Las Vegas, little does she know she's stepping into her Angelini destiny. Her first hunt awaits, along with three alpha males who are ready to convince her she's the equal of any Renaldi female.

For Roman, Mystic is the mate who'll appease the gryphon he was before becoming vampire. For Hawk, she's the mate who'll gain him a pack of his own. For Christian, a lone wolf, she's the mate he never dreamed possible. But once she's theirs, she becomes so much more than they imagined. Nothing's left to chance when an Angelini takes a mate. And everything is claimed body, heart and soul.

Reader Advisory: While Mystic's Run can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, readers may enjoy it more having read the earlier stories.

Story contains a male-male sex scene between secondary characters.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic Genre: Werewolf / Vampire / Menage a trois or More Book Length: Plus Novel

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Mystic's Run
(The Angelini: Book 3)
by Jory Strong

Ellora's Cave
August 1, 2007
Available: August 29, 2007
ISBN #1419912283
EAN #9781419912283
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