"a story with action and adventure"

Opal's life changes when a genetically engineered soldier comes into her life. Opal works as a doctor in a clinic that is in a remote jungle in Papua, New Guinea. But all changes the day the engineered soldier drops into her life, and she has to go on the run to stay alive. She must keep ahead of the ruthless men, the compatriots who are a mercenary company known as Blackstorm. Her life was pretty normal, or as normal as it can be in a remote jungle clinic, but at least it was her life, but all of that has changed and now she fears for her life and isn't sure what she is going to do. On the way she meets up with a Mercenary who is called Pholus after the mythical centaur of all things, they team up to stay alive. But can they stay ahead and alive while on the run with the Blackstorm after them? Can they keep their feelings for each other from jeopardizing their safety? All Opal knows is that Pholus is one person she can trust with not only her body but with her heart.

This story packs a punch with the action and interesting story line. I just loved it. The highly intense battle to stay alive was one hard fight for Opal after having somewhat of a normal life in the remote clinic where she worked as a doctor. All of that changes when she is forced to go on the run to stay alive. That is where she meets Pholus, a mercenary who will be what comes between her and the ones that want to hurt her. This story had me reading as fast as I could to find out what the author was going to do with Opal and Pholus next. I can say that I want more of this story and hope that Nobilis, the author writes more.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted October 27, 2007


Opal is a doctor working at a remote clinic in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. When a strange, genetically engineered soldier drops into her life, she must run for her life to escape his ruthless compatriots, a mercenary company known as Blackstorm. Along the way, the mercenary, called "Pholus" after a mythical centaur, finds that there are "feelings stronger than instinct, and loyalties higher than money."

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by Nobilis .

eXtasy Books
August 1, 2007
Available: August 1, 2007
ISBN #1554108012
EAN #9781554108015
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